Priscillas where fun and fantasy meet oklahoma city

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priscillas where fun and fantasy meet oklahoma city

The Prince Warriors is the first book in Priscilla Shirer's epic new series that brings to life It was a fun adventure with encouraging parts especially the bully section. The name of the fantasy world being "Ahoratos" for unseen is just brilliant. when five kids travel there they meet Ruwach a mysterious guide in Ahoratos. The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert: A Netflix Original and transgender Bernadette hit the road in a rickety lavender bus named Priscilla. book raises troubling questions about two murder cases in Ada, Oklahoma, in the s. In this prequel to the fantasy classic, three young Gelflings inspire a rebellion. Store Locations · Enid · Wichita - Kellogg · Wichita - South Rock · Wichita - North Rock · Oklahoma City - Memorial · Oklahoma City - Reno · Tulsa - 11th Street.

The kids are trying to get to a certain place, but there's not really any good reason for them to go there. I understand the maxim about the journey being more important than the destination, but it's still disappointing when the destination doesn't have much of a purpose.

After they finally do get to said destination, the story picks up. When the kids apply the truth they've learned in Ahoratos to their normal lives, there are a couple of genuinely touching moments that make the ending a lot better than the beginning.

The setup portion of the story dragged and was pretty long as compared to most fiction. I think this is partly due to the fact that there are four main characters, and their first entries into the land of Ahoratos are all described separately from their own perspectives, even though they all get in within a few minutes of each other, and they basically all experience the same thing.

I found I didn't like the characters much. They were a bit stereotypical and didn't have many distinguishing characteristics. Sex Tons of graphic jokey innuendo with no actual sex. In one scene a woman does a provocative dance on a bar that includes putting ping pong balls into herself and then shooting them across the room, but nothing is shown on screen but reactions. The drag queens briefly show their butts in thongs.

Language From beginning to end the characters use every curse word possible to joke, tease, hurt, and punctuate. Words include "f--k," "twat," "asshole," "s--t," and "Christ Almighty. One scene shows Bernadette challenging a local to a shots showdown, where the local ends up passing out. Felicia finds drugs in Bernadette's luggage and ends up in a dangerous situation, presumably after consuming the drugs.

What parents need to know Parents need to know that this funny drama about Australian drag queens contains tons of profanity and sexual innuendo. The cursing never stops, though it's not generally hostile, and includes everything you could imagine from "f--k" to homophobic slurs.

Gladys and I were so proud of Elvis and enjoyed him so much that we immediately wanted more children. But, for reasons no doctor could understand, we had none. While Elvis grew from infant to toddler to lively little boy, we consulted doctors about our failure to have another child. We prayed about it, too. There was no medical reason why my wife didn't conceive again, but she didn't.

When Elvis was about ten years old, the reason was revealed very clearly to me in a way that I can't explain - l can only say that God spoke to my heart and told me that Elvis was the only child we'd ever have and the only child we'd ever need. Without little Jesse who was born dead, without the other children we'd hoped to have, we understood that we were an extraordinarily complete family circle.

As soon as I realized that Elvis was meant to be an only child, I felt as though a burden was lifted. I never again wondered why we didn't have additional sons and daughters. It's hard to describe the feelings Elvis, his mother and I had for each other. Though we had friends and relatives, including my parents, the three of us formed our own private world. Elvis was a good child who seldom gave us trouble.

I did spank him a few times, but now that I think back, I believe it was for nothing. Later, after we moved to Memphis, he was baptized into my church, yet neither the Assembly of God nor any denomination ever owned him completely.

Elvis grew up very close to his mother.

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He used to call her by a pet name, 'Baby'. He was also close to me, so that we had a wonderful, balanced family relationship. I didn't choose a goal for him and then shove him in that direction. Some fathers want their sons to be football players or lawyers or whatever.

I only wanted Elvis to do what made him happy.

Elvis Presley Photos | Elvis as you have never seen him before

When he was a boy, I asked him to go hunting with me, but when he answered, 'Daddy, I don't want to kill birds', I didn't try to persuade him to go against his feelings. There was a terrible day when Elvis was about six years old.

He had developed acute tonsilitis with such high fever, he was on the verge of convulsions. Gladys and I were afraid that we were going to lose him. Even our doctor admitted that it was hopeless. That, in effect, is what we did, because my wife and I turned in prayer to the greatest healer of all, God. I do believe in prayer.

I do believe in miracles, so that day I prayed to God that He would miraculously heal our child. God had worked the miracle we'd asked for, again reassuring me that our son's life was special. I don't mean that I knew that Elvis was going to be famous, because at that time the idea never crossed my mind. He can be a truck driver or a farmer or anything else and make his contribution.

I only knew that Elvis had a contribution to make one way or another, that the Lord seemed to have His hand on him. The writer of an ugly, untruthful book about Elvis said on TV that we Presleys were nothing but poor white trash.

Well, I want to answer that right here, because his comment riled the whole state of Mississippi. Poor we were, I'll never deny that. But trash we weren't.

Interview with Vernon Presley () | Elvis Interviews

As a matter of fact, I'm not sure what 'trash' is. There were times we had nothing to eat but corn bread and water.

priscillas where fun and fantasy meet oklahoma city

But we always had compassion for people. When I was growing up, we never had any prejudice. We never put anybody down. About the time Elvis reached his teens, we all moved to Memphis.

Elvis may have hated to go off and leave his Mississippi friends but, if he did, he didn't say anything to me about it. He was a good son.

Gladys and I trusted him so completely that we'd go to a movie and let him have friends over for a party while we were gone. I expect there was some beer drinking that went on, but that's about as wild as it got. To tell you the truth, Elvis never did drink a lot.

Although, once he about killed himself drinking peach brandy. He got a bottle and it tasted so good that he drank a little more and a little more until he'd drunk too much. But he was never a heavy drinker. Even after Elvis was in high school, we continued to be such a close family that he didn't spend a night away from home until he was 17 years old.

Then my wife and I phoned all night to be sure he was all right. Good Housekeeping, January In high school, Elvis met a girl named Dixie Locke and decided he was in love. Gladys and I thought maybe they would get married, because Dixie was a mighty likable girl, and Elvis thought a lot of her.

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It didn't work out, but I still hear from Dixie to this day. Until he was nearly grown, I had no idea what Elvis was planning to do with his future. It turned out that he wasn't too sure, either. I remember right after he graduated from high school I went into his room and found him lying on his bed. Do you want to go to college? Because, if you do, we'll manage to send you.

priscillas where fun and fantasy meet oklahoma city

Do you want to go to work? What do you want to do next? Then he told me, 'Daddy, I want to be an entertainer. I want to sing with a gospel quartet'.

5 Series My Emergent-Bilingual Readers Are Loving by Priscilla Thomas

It was in that, Elvis decided to give his mother a record as a gift. There was a gospel quartet starting out about this time called the 'Song Fellows' and Elvis auditioned for them. They turned him down, because they said he couldn't sing. Later, after he'd made a couple of records professionally for Sun and they were going pretty well, Elvis came to me and said, 'Daddy, you know the Song Fellows?

They want me to join them now'. My answer to that was, 'To hell with the Song Fellows! You're doing okay with what you've got going, and I don't believe I would change'.

Elvis' records had turned into regional hits. He had gotten a manager, Bob Nealwho'd arranged some tours for him around the South. He came home from one of these tours talking about a great man he'd met, how smart he was and all of that.

He was talking about Colonel Tom Parkerwho was packaging shows then.