Penguins and polar bears never meet

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penguins and polar bears never meet

No Polar Bears do not eat penguins because polar bears live in the arctic region (north pole) while penguins live in Antartica and in the Do polar bears ever eat humans? . They just somehow need to meet to make your dream come true. Dear Coca-Cola Company,. While I have been known to enjoy your products, and never those of your competitor, I am saddened by the. Here's a hint: it is not the fact that penguins and polar bears don't you will never find penguins and polar bears living together in the wild.

However, as you are cruising Greenland, Spitsbergen, Norway or Scotland, there is simply no chance of seeing a penguin — their home is close to 19, kilometres away in Antarctica. Both locations are filled with ice and experience similar climates, so why don't penguins exist in the Northern Hemisphere?

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In this article, we will analyse why penguins aren't found in the Arctic and hopefully ensure you join the right Aurora expedition to avoid missing out on your favourite animal! A matter of evolution One of the first elements to think about when discussing this topic is evolution and natural adaptation. While it is easy to think about the Arctic and Antarctica as the same place, the species which have developed there over thousands of years have had to naturally adapt to the different environments.

For species in the European Arctic, competing against other major predators is an ongoing fight. In addition to polar bears at the top of the food chain, the Arctic is home to wolves, skuas, stoats, mink and foxes — all animals that would certainly enjoy a penguin lunch.

With fewer predators in the Southern Hemisphere for penguins to contend with, their evolution has flourished with 18 species dotted around the globe, eight of which can only be found in Antarctica. Of course, as penguin and polar bear species have evolved at their respective ends of the Earth, there is a massive roadblock stopping them from meeting — the equator.

Given their natural adaptation to colder climates, both animals simply wouldn't survive the hot and humid journey to the opposite pole. Have there ever been penguins in the Arctic? It is interesting to note that various penguin species have actually lived in the Arctic during the past. During the 19th century, several research groups tried to introduce penguins into the Arctic environment.

penguins and polar bears never meet

However, due to the predatory reason listed above, the penguins couldn't protect the eggs in their nest and the entire population died out after a couple of years.

One of my earliest memories is of a trip to Churchill, Manitoba when I was four. We saw polar bears along the shore of Hudson Bay, and I slid down a slide shaped like a polar bear. I especially remember a post card of a polar bear looking in the window of our hotel.

penguins and polar bears never meet

The next time I saw a polar bear in the wild was at age 23 from a plane window on the ice south of Ellesmere Island.

These are memories I will always cherish. But most people will never see a polar bear in the wild, which is why they need the images that they see on TV to be truthful. And that's where Coca Cola Company has a responsibility to their customers.

Polar Bear Facts and Adaptations - Ursus maritimus

By choosing to use the polar bear as your corporate mascot, you also chose to tie your company's fortunes to that species. Endangerment or extinction of your mascot would be bad PR. Instead, create some good public relations and media for your company. Start with the simple: Polar bears live at the North Pole, while penguins live in the south. Then tackle the more complex: Educate the public about the threats facing polar bears.

penguins and polar bears never meet

Adjust your corporate operations manufacturing, marketing, etc. Lead by example, and future generations of children will know the magic of the bears. However, a hundred years ago there probably weren't many who imagined a… Benzene in soda: The dominoes are starting to fall and the first was a big one, Coca Cola: Results of long-term carcinogenicity bioassays on Coca-Cola administered to Sprague-Dawley rats.

Ann N Y Acad Sci. So apparently Coca-Cola causes breast and pancreatic cancers in rats. Better cut back on the… "You stupid or something?

The truth about polar bears

Check the recent Economist article. Last week PepsiCo announced that the label on its Aquafina brand of bottled water will soon carry… Maybe the polar bears were on an eco-cruise when their ship sank and they got stranded? By NoAstronomer not verified on 18 Dec permalink You know, this drives me nuts too. I looked up the commercial on You Tube to see what people were saying about it I hate that attitude. Do you ever get responses to your letters? I wonder how many other people wrote to them, as well.

I've often asked myself why all those native Antarcticans don't dress themselves more appropriately.

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As to where exactly they get all those yellow feathers for the boas they're normally prancing around in, well, I guess that's going to remain one of life's little mysteries for me. By DrJ not verified on 18 Dec permalink Having wintered over in the antarctic, I can confirm that questions about polar bears eating penguins is one of the most popular misconceptions adults in the general public have.

It gets a bit tiresome. By Andrea Grant not verified on 18 Dec permalink Why can't people get information right? I've always wondered where commercials get their information or whether they just figure what's in their commercial is right.

penguins and polar bears never meet

I can't tell you how many times I hear this and it seems that EVERY movie or tv blip that has one in it inevitably has the other! It drives me nuts!!! I do believe that they have a little responsbility in at least not totally mis-educating the public ooo - better stop now or will start ranting as this is one of my pet peeves I'll add my signature to that letter!

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By Wayfarer scientista not verified on 18 Dec permalink Have you considered contacting the good people at Polar Beverages, Inc? They have used polar bears as their mascots long before Coca-Cola did, and may have a vested interest in looking better than the big kid on the block.

I can't find it, but my poor memory recalls their concluding that paraphrased "If Coke wants to advertise Polar Beverages, who are we to tell them not to? I also especially like those x-mas light displays with penguins frolicking around the "North Pole" signs and the igloos.