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Yang , Zhuo , Yuan : Triebel--Lizorkin type spaces with variable exponents

connection to Morrey–Campanato spaces. .. multipliers for Besov and Triebel– Lizorkin spaces (see [13, 14, 42, 57]) and the Calderón [52] H. Triebel, ¨Uber die Existenz von Schauderbasen in Sobolev-Besov-Räumen. PDF | We introduce new Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin spaces with variable integrable exponent, systemically studied by Kov´. aˇ and Hardy spaces with variable exponent; see [7–20]and operators in variable exponent Morrey spaces,” Georgian Math- and generalized Campanato spaces,” JournalofFunct ionalAnal-. Sobolev-Morrey spaces, Besov-Morrey spaces or Besov-type spaces). In fact, they studied two, slightly investigated by Triebel in his recent book [43]. and D. Yang, Morrey and Campanato Meet Besov, Lizorkin and.

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Steklova in RussianFunkts. Besov, Interpolation, embedding, and extension of spaces of functions of variable smoothness, Tr. Wang, Variable Hardy spaces, Indiana Univ. Shimomura, Maximal functions in variable exponent spaces: Roudenko, Function spaces of variable smoothness and integrability, J. Drihem, Atomic decomposition of Besov spaces with variable smoothness and integrability, J. Differential Equations— Jawerth, Decomposition of Besov spaces, Indiana Univ.

Jawerth, A discrete transform and decompositions of distribution spaces, J. Neves, On trace spaces of 2-microlocal type spaces, J. Nekvinda, Bessel potential spaces with variable exponent, Math. Sawano, Function spaces with variable exponents — an introduction, Sci.

Kempka, 2-microlocal Besov and Triebel—Lizorkin spaces of variable integrability, Rev. Kempka, Atomic, molecular and wavelet decomposition of 2-microlocal Besov and Triebel—Lizorkin spaces with variable integrability, Funct.

Leopold, On Besov spaces of variable order of differentiation, Z. Anwendungen 869— Leopold, Interpolation of Besov spaces of variable order of differentiation, Arch. Basel 53— Leopold, On function spaces of variable order of differentiation, Forum Math. Leopold, Embedding of function spaces of variable order of differentiation in function spaces of variable order of integration, Czechoslovak Math. Schrohe, Trace theorems for Sobolev spaces of variable order of differentiation, Math. Differential EquationsNo.

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Download Morrey And Campanato Meet Besov Lizorkin And Triebel

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