Michigan high school track and field state meet 2015

Michigan State Association's Bylaws Creating Controversy

michigan high school track and field state meet 2015

high school and middle school Site: Michigan State University's - Forest Akers East Golf Course. Michigan Indoor Track Series (MITS) Thursday, Eastern Michigan University- D Hall Meet, INFO. December Saturday, Aquinas Qualifying Standards - MITS State Championships High Jump, 6' 0", High Jump, 5' 0". Pole Vault. See some of Michigan's top boys track & field records. All of the state records are listed on the Michigan High School Athletic Wilcher posted that time in the Lower Peninsula Class A finals meet in He joined star athletes LeBron James and Candace Parker in after being named a repeat.

Students could do so without losing high school eligibility 2. By providing approval to compete in the Nike XC event, you have explicitly given approval for the national meet as well.

michigan high school track and field state meet 2015

The MHSAA made the right call back in allowing running clubs to compete in the qualifying event. Inglis pointed out yesterday in an email to me, there were plenty of Michigan running club teams operating with the understanding of your written approval just this past weekend in Terre Haute, IN. Certainly, if you felt you had violated your own rules by granting this permission, you would have alerted everyone to your error, which you did not.

michigan high school track and field state meet 2015

We have provided you with the facts and they are indisputable. You can approve this request in good conscious, without a lawsuit, and most importantly, it is the right thing to do based on the facts. Nike has also not indicated a deadline for Northville to accept or decline the NXN berth. The blog states that the MHSAA is opposed to national high school athletic championships because "such events have very often exploited students and benefitted commercial sponsors most.

michigan high school track and field state meet 2015

Roberts also asserts that somehow the Nike Cross Nationals might "exploit our students. To the contrary, NXN provides students with an opportunity to compete at the highest level and would shine a light on their communities and in our case, the State of Michigan… like the other 49 states that allow it. He also asserts that by allowing NXC Running Club, high school teams would have to "go to the extremes to remain competitive.

Roberts needs to visit any Michigan Cross Country team. Almost all of them work incredibly hard already… there is no "raising the bar" on that point.

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I would also like to ask Mr. Roberts how this participation by club members would drive them away from their so called "academic mission.

michigan high school track and field state meet 2015

Also and once again, Mr. Roberts attempts to re-write the MHSAAs own definition about what constitutes a "national high school championship.

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Only the rule as it exists in writing is relevant and the Nike Cross National meet, by his own definition, does not qualify. Roberts worries that high school teams are "masquerading. The girls comprising the NXC Running Club have been working completely independently since their high school season ended and I invite Mr. Roberts to any one of their self-held practices to see for himself.

There are countless instances of club teams participating on the national stage, such as Nike Cross Nationals, where the MHSAA hasn't batted an eye, because like the Nike meet - they are not "high school championships".

michigan high school track and field state meet 2015

Athletes can't use their high school performances as qualifying entries That's been the question posed consistently since, mostly because of the implication: But the thing is, because school is out, it's not a school issue anyway. Inafter the Northville High girls cross country team qualified for NXN, the team was prohibited from going at first. The parents of the team threatened to sue and the team was ultimately given the green light -- it finished 17th that year.

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But Roberts was a big proponent of the season ending after the state championship meet. He even wrote a blog three weeks after Northville finished fourth at state and titled it "Respecting Rules. Athletes and teams can choose to register for competition in any bordering state, but they can't travel beyond a total of miles outside of state.

There are some exceptions that allow for an athlete to compete at an event like the Adidas Boost Boston Games Dream Mile -- that rule permits an athlete to go to two meets outside that mile radius -- though that doesn't work "for the normal kid who wants to run at the Penn Relays," the coach said.

Teams and athletes from Michigan have not been able to compete at Arcadia Invitational, the Mt.