Meet tommy and boris diaw

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meet tommy and boris diaw

The Spurs' Manu Ginobili (left) watched Friday's game at Sacramento in street clothes with teammate Boris Diaw. Ginobili hasn't played since. weeks before the teams can meet again in the Western Conference Finals. That's Spanish (Manu Ginobili), French (Boris Diaw and Tony. Irving scored 11 points in overtime, including a crossover, fadeaway 3-pointer against Boris Diaw with remaining to give Cleveland a.

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More on that later. The Spurs gave it away, and they are too determined to lose. On a putback dunk on poor boxing out by the SpursLeBron loses his headband.

LeBron backs down Leonard and Duncan is slightly late on the help rotation; LeBron layup from the charge circle. Birdman layup is blocked by Duncan, questionable foul is called, Birdman hits one free throw. It took incredible athleticism to even attempt it.

LeBron gets away with a slight travel on a step after a jump stop never would or really should be called to finish an up-and-under on Duncan.

meet tommy and boris diaw

A returned-to-human-status Danny Green misses an open corner three after a good closeout from Ray Allen. I know it is ingrained in Danny Green to not leave the corner shooter, but that is Birdman, not a basketball player who can score outside of 6 inches. Leonard hits a tough runner in the paint after beating Mike Miller off the dribble. Heat now lead The Heat guard the Spurs pick and roll incredibly well.

Bosh is managing his hedges like a trust fund kid from Kennebunkport. Tony Parker makes an insane step back 3-pointer with 4 seconds on the shot clock. This potentially has dangerous implications for Parker makes the defensive play of his life, anticipating and stealing a pass intended for Wade near the low block.

It might be the playoffs but Spurs' Mills is eyeing Olympics

He came from nearly 7 feet away with what looked like one step. Parker makes one of his most sumptuous offensive moves of the series, with a penetration into the lane and a lightning-quick and unstoppable turnaround jumper.

LeBron has Parker on him in a switch at the elbow, a mismatch the Heat were forcing time and again. LeBron tries a strong post move, but loses the ball to Duncan.

This was great team-defense as much as an uncharacteristic mistake. Ginobili gets the outlet on the ensuing fast break and is fouled by Ray Allen. Manu makes both free throws. LeBron picks up the rolled inbounds pass at half court, saving possibly 5 seconds. LeBron makes a second ill-advised turnover in a second span, going into the lane where he was met by perfect defense from Tim Duncan.

meet tommy and boris diaw

Ginobili picks up the completely errant pass, intended for either an foot Bosh or Ray Allen who was lying on the ground. Manu on the fast break is fouled by Allen. This time Manu makes only 1 of 2. The Spurs unintentionally double Ray Allen, switching late on a wide open Wade after Manu gets caught in a collision and forgets to switch after the screen.

He misses the 3 attempt so incredibly badly that the awkward bounce negates the Spurs perfect rebounding positioning. A mad scramble of Shakespearean proportion ensues. LeBron now makes this 3-point attempt after chaos, because the Heat are SOOO much better when not in an offensive set. Notably, LeBron was 1 of 5 from behind the arc in the game, this being his one made attempt. LeBron on a set play gets a good look, misses.

LeBron after utter chaos and with chaos ensuing all around him: The same way that their offense is predicated on fast breaks and they are a below-average half court offensive team. The reason his skill set is ultimately discredited in the G.

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The Year in Indian Basketball Bring on the fireworks and crank up the party music. Another year has come to an end and every passing moment leads the countdown closer to But before we look ahead at the future, let's look back and celebrate the past.

Indian basketball's stock has been rising exponentially for the last few years, and became one of the biggest year's for the sport in the country so far. There have been several major individual success stories, crucial off-court developments, and national and international team triumphs over the past 12 months, news that has been good, bad, ugly, or inspiring.

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Let's take a quick look back at the biggest India Basketball stories in In the Women's section, Chhattisgarh repeated after 's surprise win to once again win the gold. In the Men's tournament, champions Uttarakhand bounced back to reclaim their place at the top. He wasn't very good.

meet tommy and boris diaw

For the rest of the year, the battle between Team Govindraj and Team Mahajan became the ugly backdrop that created an ugly blotch on the progress of Indian hoops.