Meet the angels of prosperity and abundance crystals


meet the angels of prosperity and abundance crystals

What can I do to manifest greater abundance and prosperity in my life? Archangel Raphael is the angel of abundance and the day that his. There are many angels of abundance and prosperity whom you can call upon Angels & Crystals Celestial, Healing Crystals, Healing Stones, Crystals And Gemstones, Stones . The Archangels- Who Are They & How Can You Meet Them?. Scroll down the page here to find the Abundance Prayer and the 7 Angels of Abundance Blessing, too. There are 7 and which crystals can help attract wealth into your home, too. "I know that all of my needs will be met, today and always.".

Red is a color of immediate manifestation, pink contains love, but with the added white it allows more spiritual intervention than the red "I need it NOW" energy. Crystals are made up of patterns of energy.

Archangels of Prosperity and Abundance

When they come together with other crystals they resonate and create specific vibrations or sounds. Its like a bottle that is tapped to vibrate, all other glasses will vibrate around it. That's the same with crystals excpet in their case they amplify that sound. So essentially it is creating harmony within your field so you draw to you whatever the intention of the crystals is.

It holds the vibration of the intention - the music sheet - and then atunes all the other crystals to play in harmony.

Attract Abundance with the Angels - Abundance Prayer - Abundance Blessing - Abundance Affirmations

I also added emerald crystals to the corners, you can't see them in this photo but you can in the one at the top of this article. Emerald is a heart crystal, I felt the emerald grounded the energy of the grid allowing abundance to manifest on a physical level. When the grid is complete it is charged by a charging crystal. It's a little like adding lights to your home. The charging crystal is the fuse box that brings all the other crystals together.

If there is something you want to transform then a crystal grid with the added impact of color will support it's manifestation. Here are links to some of the crystals I used in this grid that will support the intention of prosperity, abundance and wealth. You don't have to create a painting, you can simply create your grid on an altar or in a devoted space where they can do their work. He is a very powerful angel and he will help you create heaven on earth. Expect unexpected gifts and miracles from Gamaliel.

meet the angels of prosperity and abundance crystals

He is here to serve you and help you create more money, joy, and happiness. Gamaliel, you are the gracious gift giver and I call upon you now. I am asking for your help in fulfilling the following desires share your desires.

I know you have the power to perform miracles and I believe in miracles. I am open to receive and I allow unexpected opportunities and gifts to show up in my life. Thank you, Gamaliel, for your graciousness. Write a request and ask Pathiel for your wishes and desires. Then surrender your list to Pathiel and trust that your prayers have been heard and will be answered.

Pathiel, I surrender my wish list to you, knowing that you have the power to manifest abundance and prosperity. Please assist me in opening the gates of manifestation so everything can flow freely and easily into my life. I trust in you and that my prayers have already been answered. Invoke these angels one at a time or call on them as a team.

You don't necessarily have to remember their names; just pray to the angels of abundance and prosperity. Brings courage, strength, and clears negative energy so you can move forward in manifesting your dreams.


Will help to heal your relationships with people and with money, can help to bring you into harmony with the flow of money. Helps to manifest prosperity and to understand the mysteries of the Universe.

meet the angels of prosperity and abundance crystals

Can assist in magically aligning opportunities or Divinely inspired income generating ideas. Assists with musical pursuits and aspirations. Do you want to make money in the world of music? Sandalphon is the angel to call upon! Will assist you in letting go of addictions and attachments.