Laboon and brook meet again lyrics

laboon and brook meet again lyrics

Being a pirate of the old days, Brook knows this song quite well and sings it most chances he is given. He was the first person to sing the lyrics of the song from a merchant to use their final moments to record Bink's Sake for Laboon. Te o furu kage ni, mou aenai yo, Waving our goodbyes, we'll never meet again!. 年12月19日 47 Cruise CD at Nagano (Laboon & Brook) Artist: Cho [Brook] Songwriter: Mike Sugiyama (マイクスギヤマ) If we're going to meet again!!!. Feb 13, My Interpretation on the fated meeting between Brook and Laboon in their " Lyrics". 'Thoughts'. I had decided to write this fic after hearing the song crew made it through the grand line and back to the red line once again.

The former doctor stared at the scarred whale for a few minutes before he spoke up breaking the silence, "Hey, Laboon, you're excited aren't you? He's gotten a lot stronger than before you know? He's currently the strongest man in the ocean" he said 'Just like Roger was' he added in thought. Laboon gave a cry as if saying,'It doesn't matter! I've become strong too! We promised we'd fight again' Crocus laughed, "Then, I won't say anything else" with that the old man sat on his chair, opened his newspaper and continued to read.

Laboon turned to the red line and gave another cry. Despite knowing that his Nakama from years previously were now dead he still couldn't help but hope that at least one of them had survived their trip in the Grand line and were coming back to fulfill their promise. Even to this day every time he closed his eyes he could still see and hear them. The pirate crew calling themselves the Rumbar pirates that had the ability to make even a crying child laugh.

laboon and brook meet again lyrics

He could even recall the lyrics to the song their captain loved to hear. Yo-hohoho, Yo-hohoho Laboon's eyes widened. Crocus stopped reading his newspaper. Was his old age playing tricks on him?

Yo-hohoho, Yo-hohoho The voice, the sound of the violin…no, he definelty wasn't hearing things. Yo-hohoho, Yo-hohoho Laboon turned to the red line slowly. His gigantic body shook with anticipation. He saw the new ship of the straw hat pirates The "Thousand Sunny" approaching him causing him to give a confused yet ecstatic noise. Yo-hohoho, Yo-hohoho Was his mind just recalling the song he loved so much from happiness or did he actually hear it?

The whale saw a man suddenly appear on the crow's nest and smile up at him. The whale took one look at the man and gave out a bellow of happiness. Laboon felt his eyes widened. It wasn't his imagination! How will he react?

Binks' Sake

His mind taking him back to Laboon he remembered as a small whale. How many words have there been unshared between us for these last five decades? His eyes widened seeing the massive whale that had been the size of a small boat fifty two years previously, "Laboon…is this really you? You've grown…" he pulled out his violin and began to play his music.

laboon and brook meet again lyrics

His voice cracking as he approached the whale while he played his melody. The whale turned his gaze and lowered his massive body into the ocean until he was at eye level with the ship. His eyes widened seeing an all too familiar suit, violin and an afro…but a skeleton?

  • Binks' Sake

It's me…Brook" The whale stared at the skeleton in disbelief before he noticed the afro. Laboon laughed at the joke knowing it was in good fun. Brook turned to them before he smiled, 'Yohohoho, I see" "Laboon? Even though they were apart for fifty two years he still recalled Brook's sense of humor, voice and especially his afro.

The whale stared at the skeleton and listened, "within the three years that I sailed off with my crew, we were all killed…I am all that is left, however, before we all died…" Laboon watched in shock as the skeleton opened his head and pulled a sound dial out of it.

The sounds of a piano began to radiate from the shell followed by three violins and a chelo. Soon voices joined in and began the song uniting the past, present and future.

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He could see himself staring at the Rumbar pirates as they performed their concert. Binkusu no sake o, todoke ni yuku yo Going to deliver Bink's Sake! Umikaze kimakaze namimakase Following the sea breeze! Brook began to tremble and the tears leaked from his eye sockets. Upon his return, Crocus told him that his friends had effectively abandoned him by fleeing the Grand Line through the Calm Belt.

The old doctor had cared for Laboon ever since his friends left him and tried to make Laboon understand the situation.

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Although Laboon knew the truth about his friends, he refused to admit to himself that they were gone. Over the years that would pass, Laboon gained many scars on his head from slamming into Reverse Mountain. He believed that by doing this, he could destroy the mountain and return to the West Blue where his friends would be waiting for him.

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Launching the cannon in the hopes that it would slow them down, Luffy hit Laboon instead. After the battle which Luffy called a drawLuffy promised Laboon that he would return to see him, under the guise of wanting a rematch, which moved Laboon to tears of joy. As a sign of the promise of the future rematch, Luffy painted the Straw Hat Jolly Roger on Laboon's head, commenting that the insignia would wash away if Laboon hit Reverse Mountain further.

This prevented Laboon from hitting his head any further. Laboon and the Straw Hats then parted ways as the crew departed in good spirits for Grand Line. Crocus commented on how Laboon seemed to be in good spirits, which Laboon replied to with a triumphant roar, as if knowing that the Straw Hat Pirates and Brook would return. The badly drawn jolly roger is still in perfect condition on his face, showing that he has not hit his head against the wall since his meeting with Luffy.

However, the fight between Luffy and Laboon where Laboon is stabbed with Going Merry's mast was deemed to be too controversial and violent by 4Kids for American audiences, so Laboon was passed off as an iceberg that was effectively destroyed by Luffy.

In the July English issue of Shonen Jump, there is a page featuring upcoming One Piece cards; in this, he is called "Raboon", but his name remains "Laboon", in the manga itself.

This missing "arc" was also significant in it was originally how Nami came to have a Log Posethough this was also written around in the English anime.