Kushina and minato first meet

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kushina and minato first meet

His mother is Kushina Uzumaki- hence narutos last name. He met Minato first during his battle with Pein when naruto was about to release his seal completely . Wanting to make a strong first impression, she proclaimed to her class that she would be the first female Hokage. The other kids Minato and Kushina protecting Naruto from the Nine-Tails. As this would . Naruto meets Kushina. During his. Revealed by the flashbacks of Kushina's memories, Minato was somewhat shy when Kushina was first introduced and because of this, he dreamed of and says that he already met his mother's chakra and knows what they want to tells him.

More importantly, they both contribute to the personality and character traits of Naruto himself, and despite being absent for his entire upbringing, the future Seventh Hokage inherits elements from both parents-- some subtle, some very obvious.

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However, the tale of Minato and Kushina is a tragic one. Ultimately, both parents gave their lives to save their newborn son and the entire village, sealing the Nine Tails into their child and kick-starting the entire story in the process.

However, in the Naruto Shippuden movie The Lost Tower, Minato uses a very different type of technique — memory erasure. The Lost Tower is a time-bending tale that sees a present-day Naruto team up with Minato from the past in order to take down a common enemy. Although Minato eventually makes the connection that Naruto is his future son, he is also acutely aware of the Butterfly Effect and makes a conscious effort to not learn anything that may alter the natural course of time.

As a precaution, Minato uses the Memory Erasing Seal on himself and his team to wipe the encounter from their minds. As revealed in the third Naruto data book, Kushina was particularly fond of shio ramen — a salt based variety. Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, and Lightning. However, with skill and training, a Shinobi can master more than one nature transformation, for example Sasuke was proficient in the Lightning and Fire styles from an early age.

As is typical of a high level ninja, Minato could harness three different elements: They even approved of Jiraiya to be Naruto's godfather. Because the seal keeping the Nine-Tails within Kushina's body would be at its weakest during childbirth, special arrangements were made. Kushina would leave the village in secret and give birth in a remote location. Minato would help maintain the seal and Anbu would guard the area. Soon after Naruto was born, however, they were found by a masked man.

The masked man killed all of the Anbu, BiwakoTajiand took the newborn baby Naruto hostage, threatening to kill him as well. Minato was able to take Naruto back, but this gave the masked ninja the chance to escape with Kushina.

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Wishing to use the Nine-Tails to destroy Konoha, the masked man released it from Kushina's body. The vitality inherent to the Uzumaki clan allowed her to survive the extraction, though she was greatly weakened by the experience. The masked ninja tried to have the Nine-Tails finish Kushina off but she was saved by Minato and brought to Naruto, who she stayed with while Minato went to help in the village's defence.

While still weakened, Kushina used her diminished chakra to restrain the Nine-Tails. Despite fearing the trauma would kill her in her current state, Kushina volunteered to have the Nine-Tails sealed back into her body so that it would die with her. Willing to sacrifice herself for Minato and Naruto; her thanks to them for giving her such a happy life.

Minato suggested using the Dead Demon Consuming Seal on the Nine-Tails and sealing it into Naruto instead, choosing to believe in him as his father.

kushina and minato first meet

As this would also mean Minato's death, and consequently give Naruto a horrible and lonely life, Kushina naturally objected. Minato, while understanding her concerns, convinced her that it was for the best because he believes in Naruto, and that doing this would also allow Kushina to see Naruto when he was older.

After Minato sealed the Yin half of the Nine-Tails' chakra inside himself, the demon shrunk significantly, losing the chains.


Realising the Hokage's intentions, the weakened Nine-Tails tried to kill Naruto, but both Minato and Kushina used their bodies to shield him. As Minato performed the sealing, and already at the point of death, Kushina told Naruto how much she loved him and gave him her best advice for the future; her final act in this world was to fill her son with as much of her love as possible.

Minato then sealed the rest of their remaining chakra into Naruto. Kushina told Hiruzen the child's name and begged the elder to protect Naruto, dying shortly afterwards. In her childhood, Kushina was a headstrong, impulsive, eccentric, and stubborn girl.

kushina and minato first meet

According to Jiraiya, Kushina was also talkative and tomboyish. Tsunade noted that much of Naruto's personality, as well as his ninjutsu style were inherited from her.