Kitten and puppy meet up

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kitten and puppy meet up

Introducing a new cat or kitten to your resident cat or dog can be quite nerve racking. For this reason it can be very useful to delay letting cats meet for a few days or It is up to you to make both the new cat and the resident feel as secure as. Find Meetups about Animals and meet people in your local community who share Priceless Pet Rescue Non-profit Meet-up Group 2, Community Builders .. Cocktails for a Cause Supporting Cats Exclusive Kitty Lovers | Pompano. Find Meetups about Animal Rescue and meet people in your local community who Kitty Lovers | Pompano Beach, FL · Calgary All Dog Breed Meetup

Introducing an older big puppy to a tiny kitten requires patience. Even if your puppy means well, he can injure your kitten with his exuberance. Taking the time to introduce your puppy and kitten allows your pets to become the best of friends. Create a safe haven for your kitten.

How to Introduce Older Big Puppies to a Tiny Kitten

This room should have everything your kitten needs, including a bed, food and water dishes and a litter box. Share towels and blankets between your puppy and kitten for a few days before introducing them.

kitten and puppy meet up

Your puppy will probably show much more interest in the towels that your kitten has used than your kitten will in your puppy's bedding, but the idea is to get both pets familiar with each other's scent.

Allow your kitten to explore the home on her own. Take the opportunity while your pup is playing in the yard or on a walk with another family member to let your kitten roam around and get comfortable in the house. Exercise your puppy vigorously before introducing him to your kitten.

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You will probably want to do more than go for a walk, so try a rigorous game of fetch or other active game to ensure he is calm when meeting your kitten.

Start with visual contact. Have one person sit with your puppy while you bring the kitten in.

kitten and puppy meet up

Do the same for your puppy. Keep each little one in separate rooms. Switch the bedding from the kitten to the puppy and vice-versa. The blankets will have the scents of each animal on them. This gives your furry friends time to get used to these funny new scents prior to a face-to-face meeting. Place the kitten within a pet playpen.

How to Train Kittens to Like Puppies - Pets

Allow the puppy to interact with the kitten through the bars or mesh of the playpen. Make the experience a pleasant one by feeding each furry friend on either side of the walls of the playpen.

Wait until each pet reaches around 7 weeks of age before introducing them in a face-to-face meeting, Dogster recommends. Switch the position of the kitten and puppy during each of their feedings, always allowing them to see and smell each other while eating. Praise them for calm or curious behaviors. Engage the puppy in some play to tire him out a bit. A well-exercised pup will be calmer when he first meets the kitty.