Kaylie and austin first meet

kaylie and austin first meet

Make It or Break It is an American television drama series which premiered on June 22, . Emily does poorly in the first round and has to make up for it in the second round when Damon uses Radiohead's tour bus .. Kaylie, Payson, Emily, and Lauren meet with Ellen Beals, but do not get the results that they hoped for. First shown in Season 2 episode "All or Nothing", he is immediately shown as a player. Kaylie and Austin get closer and closer as he helps her recover. Austin .

After a stint in rehab, Kaylie recovers, though she still isn't fond of him since he told her parents about her anorexia. Refusing to give up, Austin helps Kaylie with her moves and she earns a spot on the World team as an alternate.

Austin Tucker

After Payson gets hurt, Kaylie fills her spot and makes them 1 in the country. Kaylie and Austin get closer and closer as he helps her recover. Austin kinda has a thing for Kaylie Cruz. He opens up to Kaylie about his sister having anorexia. But she also died because she pushed it to far. Austin supports Kaylie all the way. He can tell if something is wrong with one sign. Along the way Kaylie slowly opens up to him. Kaylie is mad at him for punching Emily's boyfriend in the stomach.

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He is really confused and doesn't understand why Kaylie is mad. After explaining to him, He said " I was trying to protect you" But Kaylie hated the fact that nobody will let her do things on her own. At the end of season 2 Austin is seen in a pool with many girls. The reporter asks if he has a girlfriend.

kaylie and austin first meet

Which he responds by saying, "If I had a girlfriend could I do this? Kaylie sees this and gets upset, Austin then follows her and tells her that he had to do that because being a "player" is part of his image. Later in the episode, when the girls win worlds, Kaylie and Austin are together and another reporter asks if he has a girlfriend. Cruz that he will take care of his girl while she is in training camp with him.

Payson begins to attend public high school mid-year and clashes with the school's Queen Bee, who does not take kindly to her cheerleading tumbling pointers. However, Kaylie, Lauren and Emily quickly come to her rescue and manage to get the "Queen Bee" off Paysons back for a short time. A girl called Heather tries to welcome Payson but she has no desire to get involved with any school activities. Meanwhile, Ike, a school outcast takes Payson under his wing encouraging Payson to skip class and offers her pot.

At the Rock, Sasha is hosting the annual Open House Night and decides to make it "fun" this year, encouraging everyone to enjoy themselves by dressing themselves in costumes and performing routines purely for entertainment. Nicky and Kaylie are assigned to do a duet performance, which proves to be difficult, considering they have conflicting opinions about everything. However, the couple soon come to a truce and Kaylie comes up with an idea for their performance.

Meanwhile, Emily is convinced by her mom to tell the story of her life through her performance, which results in a little girl asking for Emily's first autograph.

kaylie and austin first meet

He reluctantly agrees to this, but disapproves when Summer asks to hold a lecture about abstinence to the gymnasts. Sasha tells Kaylie that in order to reach the needed height for her Double Arabian to beat international competitors, she needs to improve her strength. Nicky offers to help her, and the two arrive early to the gym to practice. To secure Carter's heart for her own, Lauren tries to get Nicky and Kaylie together, and insists to Payson that the two have feelings for each other.