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Jane's Addiction I Jan and Dean * * * Surf City/Folk 'n Roll (, ; In ' 64 Jan and Dean's finest hour on record oc- curred in the form of "Dead Man's Curve. horrible car wreck, the song makes its terrifying point both in the lyrics and in and Dean efforts, most notably "She's My Summer Girl" and "Meet Batman. Jan and Dean were an American rock duo consisting of William Jan Berry (April 3 , . With the help of record producers Herb Alpert and Lou Adler, Jan and Dean such as the original (unreleased) Filet of Soul and Jan & Dean Meet Batman. On April 12, , Berry received severe head injuries in an automobile. Jan Berry and Dean Torrence did influence The Beach Boys' sound in one .. another brass-heavy track better than most car/drag songs from the period. [LP]; One Way Records (Paired with Jan and Dean Meet Batman) [CD];.

Something a Little Bit Different Whole Lotta Lovin' [ ] Sharing eight tracks with the above release, Teen Suite has many more early and rare tracks that should be interesting to collectors - Jan Berry's earliest recordings can be found here, when he was paired not with Dean Torrence, but with Arnie Ginsburg.

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The two friends had recorded the song in Jan's parents garage using a metal chair and piano stool to make the tik-tikking percussion sound. By the time Jan had paired up with Dean Torrence, there is a distinct difference in the music - "Baby Talk", the first single by the pair, has closer harmonies, and a looser, more laid-back sound.

The final seven songs are all various singles, including the rock 'n' roll rave-up "Something A Little Bit Different", the Jan Berry single "Tomorrow's Teardrops" which signalled an extremely short-lived solo career, and the follow up to their hit "Baby Talk" - "She's Still Talking Baby Talk" all of which were on previously hard-to-find collectors singles.

A great collection, but you can own both of these early discs and have very little overlap. Walk Like a Man 3. Rhythm of the Rain 6. Best Friend I Ever Had 9.

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Live in Person - Pop Symphony No. A wider release on Columbia Records was cancelled, but an acetate for the stereo version survives the private pressing was mono-only. They did a version of "Frosty the Snowman" for a single.

Half the record is music inspired by the comic books and the TV showincluding a cover of the latter's theme; some lyrics of the songs are taken directly from Detective Comics The cuts alternate between type, and as an added bonus, the comedy is funny and the music is catchy.

Surf City and Other Swingin' Cities is an even earlier example, with each song being named after a city. The following album, Drag City, is centered around cars and hot-rod racing.

Both title songs were previously issued on the same single, which featured a picture sleeve with two distinct sides for each song.

Surf’s Up: Jan and Dean Celebrate “Silver Summer” On New Reissue

A spoken interlude a la "Dead Man's Curve" then reveals that the ex-girlfriend actually died in the hospital while giving birth to the girl that was described earlier in the song. Seems to be the message of "Tijuana", a marijuana-themed rewrite of "The Little Old Lady from Pasadena" about a figurative woman who's "the terror of everyone that is a square".

Appropriately, it was released as a single in the midst of the Psychedelic Rock craze inand later included on Carnival of Sound, Jan and Dean's own long-lost flirtation with the psychedelic genre, when it was finally released in It took a while before Jan and Dean found their trademark California sound. They first started out with a style closer to Doo-wop than surf pop and their first couple of "surf" albums only included a few actual surf songs alongside covers of regular pop songs.