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Hercules vs. Heracles – Disneyfied, or Disney tried?

Hercules is entry #35 of the Disney Animated Canon, released in Being a mostly Thanks to James Woods coming back, it did pretty well. The film is also . Hercules is a film about the adventures of Hercules, the son of Zeus in Greek mythology. Directed by Ron Memo to me, memo to me: maim you after my meeting. He's gotta have [after Pegasus blows out his flaming hair] Whoa! Is my hair out?! . all-time chump. [He leaves, and Hercules looks back at Phil with guilt]. Mythology Summary and Analysis of Phaethon; Pegasus and Bellerophon On the back of Pegasus, Bellerophon travels easily, meets the Lycian But unlike Hercules, Theseus, or Odysseus, Bellerophon loses favor with the not relieve him of his guilt: Bellerophon goes on his quest to achieve purity in.

I mean yes she has explained everything to me. Wait that was back in High School when he was still figuring things out and was very clumsy; he really had thought that now since he was an adult who could carry himself better this sort of thing wouldn't happen anymore.

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But there was something about Hades…this Hades that made him feel intimidated. Some good some bad but no matter what we are never completely the same. And I've had to watch it over and over again for centuries that's the thing with mortals they tell themselves not to let history repeat itself but end up doing it anyway just in different supposedly newer forms but it's still the same.

That being said Hercules it would be in your best interest if you never give ME a reason to be your enemy either because the Hades here is…childish compared to me.

Well I'm going to check to see if Phedra is ready now! By the time Hades was finished 'talking' to Hercules Phedra was now finished getting ready for her date. She was just about to head out the door when her father walked into the room once again. Phedra just rolled her eyes but moved to look into the mirror. Now would you just-" She said tensely not noticing that her father had gotten behind her and put a new necklace around her neck.

She's caught off guard again when he father bends down a little to kiss the top of her forehead she flinches at the gesture and a sad look quickly flashes across her father's face. Phedra would have normal sat in bed and reflect on what just took place but decided against it. You have a date you can over think this stuff later right now let's just have some fun! With that thought in mind she leaves her room and finds Hercules waiting for her in the living room.

I mean Phedra you look beautiful. They made it to the stable to see Pegasus, Ororo, Valor and Mystic inside, it would seem that Valor and Mystic were grilling Pegasus about something as Ororo rolled her eyes. The couple didn't know exactly what was going on but could take a pretty good guess especially Herc considering what he went through early. I remember when I met you guys again you were going to race.

How could he race against Mystic and Ororo? The play itself was really good Phedra had much to Hercules's happiness seem to enjoy it quite well. And the dinner they had later went off without any problems now the two were both walking along a garden just talking and getting to know each other better. He broke into tears and started throwing a tantrum in front of his date. I didn't let him know it was a prank until his date was gone. Seriously Herc you do not mess with a girl's hair.

At this point now the couple had found a bench leaning up into a tree that they sat down on. He was just named after her as if you can make up the fact that you cheated on your wife by naming a kid that she hated after her. No matter how much her husband cheated. Your training must be coming along really well with your lightning you haven't shocked me once tonight. Normal pov It was a week after Phedra's date with Hercules and the triplets were back in their own world waiting for their father to introduce them to their new trainers as it were.

It wasn't as if Phedra wasn't doing anything but she certainly couldn't make a Facebook status saying that she was in a Disney movie hashtag dating Hercules now. Its main function is to be a database that has information of all different types of monsters and beast you might ever come across. Aren't we just meeting our trainers today?

No our father Hades said we were just supposed to meet our trainers today! As appose to Hunter who was wearing an armored tank top, black well-worn pants and brown boots he also had a bow and arrows strapped to his back. The triplets share a look until Phedra just shrugs her shoulders and moves to catch up with Hunter, Pontius shakes his head but says nothing as he goes as well.

Pyrros though picks up a leave feeling the need to burn something in that moment burns it to ashes and then follows his siblings lead after picking up the backpack that their father had given him. By the time he caught up with the rest of the group Phedra and Hunter were already taking to each other about their parents. Other than that everything else is normal I'm guessing it's about the same for you three. Our father doesn't tell us who he is for twenty years and then suddenly drops us into the middle of the rainforest to fight a monster.

I lived with her in the forest after all. However, as the Muses explain, since he doesn't drink the last drop, his godly strength remains intact.

During Herc's teen years, the other kids mock him and call him "Jerkules", and the townspeople in general call him a freak and disaster because of his Super Strength.

Luckily for them, they are in a G-rated Disney movie and Hercules is a kind-hearted and sweet-natured guy, as opposed to the Hercules of the actual myths, who was known for A being extremely hot-tempered and B using his strength against those who angered him, often with lethal results for the mortals involved. He goes from blue to bright red flames.

When he loses it completely, his whole head and arms become fountains of fire. The Hydra eats Hercules and burps when done, but Hercules escapes by sticking his sword in its throat and cutting its head off. During the beginning of the movie after Pain and Panic abduct Hercules, turn him mortal, and then try and fail to kill him. Panic runs around saying "Hades is gonna kill us when he finds out about this!

Zeus and Hades are brothers and the latter is trying to usurp and imprison the former. The Muses, Pegasus and Deimos Pain were not involved in the original Heracles myth, and were brought in from other parts of Greek Mythology for the Disney movie.

Phobos Panic does not appear in the myth per se, but Heracles did worship him and have him depicted on a shield of his. Phil, after he overhears part of a conversation between Meg and Hades, catches on that Meg isn't to be trusted and tries to warn Hercules. The lovesick Herc will have none of it, to the point of hitting him in a blind rage, and Phil leaves Herc in his darkest hour. Hades ends up revealing Meg's involvement to Herc after taking his strength away. And boy does it have a more crushing effect on Herc than having his strength gone!

Hades has a literal chessboard for planning his take over of Olympus. Several scenes during "Zero to Hero" even have him sitting at a chessboard, pushing various pieces naturally, shaped like various mythological monsters toward Herc.

Herc rushes off to help people as soon as he hears about it. A double subversion in that he's doing heroic deeds to regain his godhood, but later realizes that he should be doing good for good's sake. During the training montage, Pegasus ducks to narrowly dodge a badly-aimed sword, which gives him something like a flattop.

During his battle with Hydra, Hercules' tunic and cape get shred, with one of the tunic's straps even being ripped off. The Hydra still looks pretty CG despite advanced cell shading simulation techniques being applied. Also, Hercules' 'crib' and the colonnade in Olympus. Megara has a sultry, husky voice, atypical of both Disney female Love Interests in general and female characters in the movie.

She's also working for Hades albeit unwillinglyand at one point tries to seduce Herc into revealing his weaknesses, though she ends up falling for him instead. Caricatures of the film's directors John Musker and Ron Clements appear at the top of an arch as Young Herc speeds his foster father's wagon into the marketplace. Hades gets one more Funny Moment as the Disney castle comes up. Happens when Hercules shakes Phil's hand. Herc is so excited to meet his mentor that he forgets to be careful with his Super Strength.

Later, Hercules gets this from Hades after being blackmailed into giving up his strength for twenty-four hours. If Hercules proves himself worthy, he can rejoin the gods.

Thanks to Exact WordsHercules can get out of his deal of giving up his strength to Hades in exchange for Meg's release: Hades simply promised that "no harm" would come to Meg, so when she pushes him out of the way of the falling pillarthus bringing her to harm and sacrificing her lifethe deal is broken and Herc gets his strength back.

Aren't you a damsel in distress? I'm a damsel, I'm in distress, I can handle this.

Have a nice day! Deal with the Devil: Megara sold her soul to save her boyfriend Hercules gave up his Super Strength to set Meg free. Cue invasion of Thebes by a giant cyclops. Hercules makes a deal with Hades to save Meg in exchange for his life. This time, Hades's tricks don't work. Hercules comes close to this after giving up his strength to save Meg from Hades, only to have Hades reveal that Meg was working for him all along.

If I say 'sing' you say 'hey name that tune! The thought repulsed me. That's the sound of your freedom. Fluttering, out the window, forever. But I wouldn't take the bait. He conjured bats of smoke to flutter at me, causing me to choke on the acrid smell. H-He's honest, and he's sweet—" Even I could hear how foolish I sounded. I couldn't come up with something better to say? Hercules would fight the Titans and Hades would fail. My life would become a living hell, but it didn't matter.

Seeing Hades lose this great plan he'd been working on since before Hercules was born would be the only gratification I would need. He dropped me, and I rubbed my throat. If you're willin' to give up your freedom… forever I might add. I'm sure I can convince Wonderbreath to give up something of his," I paused, for once failing to think of something.

I had to stop him. I could have laughed, he was oblivious to the growing affection between Herc and I as the months drew closer to his great planetary conjunction. Well it's been fun. But I've got work to do. Thanks for the help babe, couldn'ta done it without you! Oh shit… Oh shit… I have to go warn Wonderboy! I was miles from his villa. But I had to try. I had to fix this. I had to undo the damage I just caused. I turned, and started running. One advantage of working for Hades was I became quite agile, and could find shortcuts easily.

But I had barely made it out of the garden when I was startled by a sudden brightness. I heard my name, Herc? No time to assess the situation, "Don't listen to him! I saw Hercules trying to run towards me. If he could just get this gag off I could warn him.

I hit the ground hard, and found myself lying tied up on the underworld floor. I squirmed, managing to flip myself into kneeling position. Before I could get my bearings I was back in the stadium. The sudden changes in light left me momentarily blinded, but I managed to looked at Herc and shake my head frantically, trying to tell him no say no to whatever Hades was saying.

We dance, we kiss, we schmooze, we carry on, go home happy what d'ya say c'mon? Never make a deal with Hades. I learned that the hard way, I couldn't see him make my mistakes. Hercules was looking at me, and I was trying to tell him no. But how could this possibly look to him?

He had no idea I worked for Hades, and here I was tied and gagged with Hades bargaining with him for my safety, "People are, are gonna get hurt, aren't they? To realize my safety was nothing compared to that of the entire city, of Greece, of the Cosmos itself. It happens 'cause y'know, it's war. But what can I tell ya? Anyway… what do you owe these people huh? Hades knew how to play on a person's weakness. I know how strong you are.

Stop him, don't let him do this! I can't watch him do this to you! You have no idea what will happen if you say yes! I'm not important enough. Don't do this just to save me. He was going to take this deal. If only we had stopped this foolishness long ago.

I didn't want to hurt him; we should have stopped this before we felt anything for each other. Stop touching me damnit! We're done what d'ya say we shake on it? But I was tied up, helpless to do nothing but watch as Hercules was going to give up his strength.

An act with consequences he could never foresee. How could I have done this… "Hey, I don't really have like, time, to bat this around. I'm kind of on a schedule here I got plans for August, Okay? I need an answer like now. Going once… going twice," Hercules looked at me, the desperation in his wide eyes told me what his answer was going to be.

I shook my head vainly, trying to tell him no. Hades was enjoying it far too much. Oh Gods no… Hercules stumbled on the ground, groaning from the shock of what just happened to him. Isn't it just… peachy" Had Hades watched my 'date' with Hercules? You'll love this, one more thing," Hades approached me again, and I looked at him wishing sheer will was enough for him to drop dead.

I leaned back, not wanting him to lay his hands on me again. A deal's a deal. You're off the hook. I coughed, the smoke still burning in my throat. You have everything you want! Just let this one thing go! Duh," I stopped fighting, what was the point? I dropped my arms, already feeling the tears brimming in my eyes.

I looked at Herc, opening my mouth to speak but I couldn't find the words to come out, "You're… you're lying! Oh God's Herc I never wanted to do this to you. I told you it was better to just be alone… what have I done? Hades gestured, and Pain and Panic guised as the little boys from the Hydra fight ten long months ago. They came running out, repeating their words from that say so many months ago, "Jeepers mister, you're really strong!

Hades grabbed my again, pulling me closer to him. I shuddered at his touch and tried to pry away from him, "Couldn't have done it without you sugar, sweetheart, babe…" "No! Freedom isn't worth this. It wasn't how it appeared, I didn't try to cause this. Couldn't defy Hades before it was too late? I ran to him, I put my hands on his chest begging, pleading, that he would listen to me. But he grabbed my hands to pull them off of him and pushed me away. Tears blurred my vision and a silent sob cracked my voice.

It was the end of the damn world, and I had caused it. If I had just worked harder at keeping Herc from growing close to me, or me to him. If I had just defied Hades when it would have made a difference. Or if I had just told Hercules. Damn my pride, if I had told him shortly after we met maybe he could have found a way to win my freedom. Just anything but this.

I fell to my knees and buried my face in my hands. But worse still was knowing what pain I caused Hercules. I didn't give a damn about the rest of the world, he was the only person I could call friend.

The only person in this world that I cared about, that I loved. The only person to show me kindness or affection, to make me happy again even if for just a short while. This is how I repay him? I don't know how much time had passed before I collected myself. I didn't know how, I had to think of something. But sitting here crying and feeling sorry for myself wouldn't fix it.

Hercules was getting to his feet, and turned to me.

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There was nothing but contempt and loss in that expression. Hating me or not, I was going to fix this. I had to undo this. My thoughts were interrupted by a great crash, and an echoing voice. No human could have made that sound.

Hercules must have heard it too, he ran outside and I was not far behind. A Titan… that can only be a Titan. A Cyclops stood at the edge of the city, standing as tall as the grandest building. The devastation created in such a short time was mind boggling.

The screams of people could be heard from all directions, and thick tendrils of black smoked snaked to an already darkened night sky. Hades… he did it.

He freed the damn Titans. But no such fear overtook Hercules, as the weakened hero walked down the steps. I swallowed my own fear and ran down ahead of him, standing in his way trying to push him back, "What are you doing? Without your strength you'll be killed! Yes Herc… there are. I watched anxiously as he approached the Cyclops, fearing what would happen. I hoped, and had I not lost faith in the Gods many years ago I would have prayed.

I gasped in horror, and was thankful Hades only took his strength, not his god-like ability to take a hit. I struggled to think of something to fix this, my eyes darting back and forth when I heard a whinny. I have to get Phil! Phil can talk some sense into him!

I allowed hope to creep up over my fear, it's not too late to fix this. I found the source of the noise, which was convienently only a short distance behind me near the stadium entrance. At least one thing finally went in my favor.

I pushed open the heavy wooden doors and found Pegasus bound and tethered to the floor. Hades had thought of every possible loose end. Pegasus seemed to calm down enough that I could kneel down to take the ropes off of his legs without getting struck, "Listen, Hercules is in trouble," I stood, grabbing at the ropes around his head and neck, tossing them aside.

I could tell this was done by Pain and Panic, the knots were pathetic. Hard to get out of if you don't have thumbs, but easy to remove if you did. The situation was not enough to forget my terrible fear of heights, and I let out a pathetically terrified scream as we took to the sky.

I tried to scan the ground below, but fear clouded my vision. The best I could manage was to try and explain to Pegasus the situation, and why it was we needed Phil so desperately. Unsure if the animal could understand me I placed my trust in him, which turned out to be a good call. We approached the coastline and he made a sharp dive towards the pier, and it was then that Phil's stubby form came into view. I dreaded this conversation, but I wasn't the one who mattered.

I saw him turn, and that familiar look of detest marred his features, "Phil, Hercules needs your help! He's finally learned somethin'! After all you've done for him, after what I know he means to you are you really willing to walk away? But he turned, and I extended my hand to help him on to Pegasus.

Stop your damn tricks. You might have tricked Herc and Pegasus, but you ain't winnin' me ova' sistah'" My conversation with Hades? My Gods… he knows about Hades. But how much did he hear? If he was there the whole time then… "What did you hear?

I ain't psychic so I don't know why you went and teamed up with death, but I don't care. Hercules needed help and Phil was the key to saving him. I reached for him, grabbing him by the shoulders and jerking him close so I could boor into his eyes, "Tell me exactly what words you heard," "Hades asked you something 'bout bringin' Herc's head on a platter and you replied 'medium or well done' all tangled in his arms.

You always play with more'n one guy like that? In cahoots with Hades and tuggin' on Herc's heartstrings?

Of all the damned parts of that conversation he overheard he chose that moment to be a snoop. How much of this could have been avoided if he had just stayed a few more moments?

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I wasn't working with Hades, I was working for him," Against my will… "Why-" "No time for that, it's not important," I was not giving Phil my sob-story about an ex-lover and an idiotic decision. I know you hate me, and will you set that aside for two damn minutes? I was fighting with Hades. He wanted me to find out Hercules' weakness. He needed it so he could release the Titans and take over Olympus. It's why Hades needed his weakness. The Fates told Hades that if Hercules fought, he would lose this great battle of his.

But I wouldn't give him Wonderboy's weakness because I didn't think he had any. But Hades figured othersise…" I trailed off, my body losing its tension.

That's why you didn't need to find it, you created one," I was stunned at his words, and how much they stung. I bit down on my lip as I felt tears stinging my eyes. Oh Gods… he's right. I created his weakness. I'm his damned weakness. Oh Gods this is all because of me… "Hercules traded his strength for the next twenty-four hours in return for my safety… then Hades told Herc about how I was working for him and Hercules lost the will to fight, and is now facing a Cyclops without his strength, and without any motivation.

I didn't want to be his damn weakness.