Emily prentiss and jordan todd meet

emily prentiss and jordan todd meet

Emily Prentiss: Jordan, this is Viper, God's gift to women. Jordan Todd: Wow, God sure has a sense of humor. Viper: You see, eye contact is a very powerful. Emily Prentiss is a fictional character on the CBS crime drama Criminal Minds, portrayed by Agent Jordan Todd, and acts on her suggestions, even giving Agent Todd another chance to prove herself. For the . At the end of that episode , Prentiss sneaks out of a meeting in order to save her BAU colleagues from Doyle. Agent Prentiss meets JJ's replacement and falls head over heels in lust Criminal Minds femslash starring Emily Prentiss and Jordan Todd.

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Spoilers for the "Catching Out" episode that aired this past week. My version of Agent Prentiss isn't real. Neither is the fantasy sex. There are candle wax and fisting kinks here so if you're not into that don't read. Also, if you leave a comment or constructive criticism you'll get a cookie: Agent Prentiss meets JJ's replacement and falls head over heels in lust with her.

She knew it would happen. She just didn't think it would happen now.

emily prentiss and jordan todd meet

JJ was already almost 7 months and getting bigger every day. Agent Todd, when they were first introduced was obviously eyeing Morgan. Not that she could blame her. He was a gorgeous man, kind, dedicated, intense.

emily prentiss and jordan todd meet

But she couldn't help noticing how beautiful the woman was. She hadn't expected that. And now she couldn't get her out of her mind. When she got into the office the next morning Agent Todd was seated beside JJ for training.

emily prentiss and jordan todd meet

She was wearing a long, form-fitting dark grey skirt and a white button down blouse. Prentiss later mentions to Hotchner that while she was away from the BAU and work, she played a lot of online Scrabble with someone with the online moniker "cheetobreath", implying it was JJ keeping her company. In the rare moments outside work, JJ and Prentiss have been seen having conversations about children and the men, or lack thereof, in Prentiss's life. Prentiss was also the first to congratulate JJ when she revealed she was pregnant with Henry.

After Spencer Reid returns to work following his abduction by serial killer Tobias Hankel, Prentiss experiences a falling out with the young agent due to his harsh behavior toward her a function of the irritability resulting from Reid's use of narcotics to cope with his recent trauma.

However, the agents eventually gain a mutual respect and even share light-hearted moments. Prentiss sometimes joins in with Morgan in good-natured teasing of Reid's genius.

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She also amazes Reid when she beats him at poker even though he is from Las Vegas and never loses. Another turning point in their relationship is when Prentiss and Reid are held captive by a cult group and Prentiss admits she is the FBI agent, causing her to suffer a beating from the cult leader.

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As a result, Reid feels guilty, but Prentiss reassures him everything is all right and that is not his fault. Prentiss is also the only one Reid tells about his recurring headaches. Reid is one of the most affected by Prentiss's death, sobbing on JJ's shoulder because he never got to say goodbye, and even thought about giving up since he felt the BAU had failed at protecting a member of their team.

Later, when Prentiss comes back, Reid feels betrayed by Prentiss for not telling him the truth, but Prentiss confronts him and they eventually reconcile.

Prentiss is often seen hanging out with Jareau and Technical Analyst Penelope Garcia outside of work.

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Garcia looks up to Prentiss and never fails to vocalize her admiration, whether it is for Prentiss's fluency in Arabic, wit or the fact she took up salsa dancing classes. On the job[ edit ] Prentiss is shown to be an extremely competent, level-headed agent.

She is not as affected by the nightmares that come with the job and manages to keep her cool in hostile confrontations. She is also shown to put herself in the line of fire, for example, volunteering to enter into the unsub's house to rescue his young boy, and sacrifice herself for her teammates, as she did for Spencer Reid once in the season 4 episode, "Minimal Loss".

emily prentiss and jordan todd meet

She does not act rashly and there was only one rare occasion where she allowed her personal feelings interfere with investigations. Later, after returning home from work, Prentiss receives several hang-up calls on her home phone from an unknown caller. Upon her return home on a subsequent night, she finds an anonymous gift on her doorstep, containing a single purple flower.

Emily Prentiss

She experiences a flashback to a past undercover job in Italy, during which she was acting as his girlfriend and surveiling Doyle.

Recognizing that the gift of the purple flower means Doyle knows where she lives, Prentiss flees.

emily prentiss and jordan todd meet

In "Coda", Prentiss enlists two former Interpol colleagues in hunting Doyle. Tsia Mosely, one of her Interpol colleagues, gets shot in the head by Doyle while visiting someone. At the beginning of "Lauren", it is revealed that Prentiss had been a spy eight years previously, on a task force profiling terrorists; while undercover, she met Ian Doyle an arms dealer and became his lover.

Her betrayal of Doyle led to his arrest and subsequent imprisonment, including time in a North Korean prison. Prentiss tracks down Doyle in Boston and tries to kill him, but he takes her hostage. Later, Rossi realized that she left their team meeting suddenly in order to protect them from Doyle as it was Prentiss that Doyle was after.

Hotch says they will treat Doyle as an unsub and Prentiss as his victim, and profile them just as they would in any other case.

Prentiss reveals to Doyle that his son, whom Doyle believed had been killed, is actually alive, and that she staged photos of executing the boy in order to get Doyle to break under interrogation in North Korea. After an intense fight, Doyle manages to stab Prentiss in the abdomen with a broken table leg. Even though she is dying, she refuses to tell him where his son is hiding, and Doyle escapes shortly before Morgan reaches her.

In the hospital, the BAU team is notified that Prentiss has died. They are seen attending her funeral. The last scene, however, reveals she is alive and in Paris, where JJ meets her and gives her an envelope with "passports from three different countries, and a bank account in each one to keep [her] comfortable".