Detective conan meet heiji and kazuha

detective conan meet heiji and kazuha

Focus: Anime/Manga Detective Conan/Case Closed, Since: Founder: All the Fanfics about Hattori Heiji and Toyama Kazuha! Anyone who like the Kazuha hears about Kudo four times before actually meeting the guy. On the fifth . Kazuha hears about Kudo four times before actually meeting the guy. [Heiji H., Shinichi K./Conan E.] Kazuha T. - Words: 2, - Reviews: Heiji and Kazuha cuffed together as children. .. In this episode, Heiji meets up once again with Conan and the gang on an overnight cruise in.

detective conan meet heiji and kazuha

Please read and review! Our Wedding Night by SugarDee reviews They just got married and night has fallen for them to have their unforgettable and memorable wedding night. On the fifth time, She meets him, and is completely convinced that her original hypothesis of Heiji dating Kudo is suddenly true. Happy Valentine's Day and Singles Day of course for us forever alone people.

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You're the one that I love And I'm saying goodbye Say something, I'm giving up on you. K - English - Romance - Chapters: It was a cold and bitter war. Who doesn't like that paiting shouldn't read this! Each day has a different Christmas theme based on Christmas songs A Heizuha fanfic filled with the holiday fluff! T - English - Humor - Chapters: However, someone is after the lives of the royal heirs. Will Heiji be able to protect Kazuha? And will he able to find out the truth before it's too late?

A Heizuha fanfic with some Shinran in it Heiji is wondering why Kazuha feels as squeashy as a pillow. No real plot, just fluff. This will be a side project so read and review them please! Mostly humor and romantic. Probably one or two angst here and there So which one was it? Kazuha leaned back, trying to eavesdrop casually.

Why was she even eavesdropping? She knew Heiji better than any of them. She should just invite herself into the conversation. And that's when she heard it. And Kudo did it all alone too! He had stopped shaking them, and his hands clasped together to stop himself from moving so much.

detective conan meet heiji and kazuha

Though, he was still bouncing slightly on the balls on his feet. It was hard not to, to be honest. It made listening in all the easier. Heiji was never quiet.

Heiji frowned, crossing his arms. What would give ya any other idea? Poor Heiji just seemed confused.

Did I say somethin' funny? He had left without a word! Just a "Okay I'm going to Tokyo to find Kudo! How did it go?

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Heiji switched from nervous to ecstatic within a second. Dad ain't here right? He had just walked right past her like it was nothing! Like she wasn't about to kill him! Did mentioning Kudo really make him so relaxed? Kazuha turned around to find Hattori's Mom smiling at her son, who was happily talking about Kudo.

Kudo beat me in a deduction battle, can you believe it?! Shows up at tha' last minute and shows me up completely!

Heiji FINALLY understands what Kazuha thinks of him

Kudo really said somethin' that struck a cord in me though Kazuha stayed for dinner, where she heard more about Kudo and Kudo's disappearing act and how Kudo apparently almost died? What was goin on there? When Kazuha walked home, it hit her like a ton of bricks.

detective conan meet heiji and kazuha

Kudo was a GIRL. A girl Heiji had fallen in love with! Her jaw dropped, her pace picking up. She had to see it to believe it. That's when she devised the plan. The next time Heiji went to Tokyo, or invited them here She was going to intervene. It was her duty as a best friend! IV Putting on her most intimidating look, Kazuha strode into the restaurant.

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She was finally getting her chance, She could finally talk to Kudo Girl about the whole best friends thing. Walking behind Kudo-Girl Why hasn't Heiji called her by her first name, anyway? She noticed an out of place little boy next to her. Maybe it was her brother?

detective conan meet heiji and kazuha

Whatever, He wasn't part of the situation. Kazuha pulled out the stool next to the small glasses-wearing boy, and sat down. Kazuha payed no mind, resting her chin on her hands. You must be Kudo.

Both the little boy and Kudo-Girl looked surprised by this statement, and Kazuha smirked a bit, looking at Kudo-Girl with her best "I-know-what-you-are" look. She was mostly imitating what she saw on movies, but nobody had to know that. Kazuha thought, preparing her next sentences for this whole confrontation. You must be that girl Heiji talks about, the one he met in Tokyo!

detective conan meet heiji and kazuha

She breifly noticed a middle aged guy giving her a look that said "Are-you-stupid-or-something", while Kudo-Girl blinked and said: If yer trying to make a pass at him, Yer gonna have to go through me first! Her moment was shining, she was in the limelight and she was winning What're ya doin' here? Kazuha's moment was ruined in that time with Heiji's loud laughter after she explained. Don't make me laugh! But if for sure sounded like Heiji was in love with Kudo!

Ran had blushed, and strangely, so had the kid. Kazuha barely saw it, but it looked like the child had kicked Heiji lightly under the counter. Kazuha couldn't put her finger on it, but something was strange about this