Crisis core meet aerith and cloud

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crisis core meet aerith and cloud

I love to play Final Fantasy VII and Crisis Core when i finish playing i scene at the end and the confession he made to Tifa, about meeting her. There is a lot more to the story of Aerith than how she died. Cloud was the main character of the game, which meant that either Aerith or Barret had to die. . it is possible that the two of them met while recording Crisis Core. I think I read somewhere (Maiden who Travels the Planet, maybe?) that Zack is a year older than Aeris. Zack met Aeris and Cloud around the.

There's evidence to show that their relationship was very well paced.

crisis core meet aerith and cloud

I would list the examples but, again, it's something that's up to interpretation so there's no point. But I can see where you're coming from if players don't have her in their party, but honestly, that's their fault not something to blame on the relationship. It's up to the player to look at the entire content of the game instead of focusing on their favorite characters. The game's "normal" outcome is to have her present in your party so that you, the player, can see all the scenes that Toriyama "dedicated all his efforts" to just to ensure that Aerith was as "appealing and irreplaceable" to the player by the time of her death.

The way he did that was by making Cloud, the player's character, fall in love with her so that by the time she dies her death is ripping gamer's hearts out. And I think they succeeded since the reaction from the gaming world was denial and outrage, leading to one of the most memorable scenes in gaming history.

crisis core meet aerith and cloud

That's sort of why the commercials that Nomura helped make said Cloud and Aerith were a "story of a love". Zack and Aerith fans that played Crisis Core say their love story was told better, but what's funny is that Nojima admitted that he didn't want to waste time "building" their relationship so in order to convince us they fell in love he repeated Cloud and Aerith's Church meet cute.

Nojima used a clerith scene to "build" romance between Zack and Aerith. This alone suggests that Cloud and Aerith's relationship was better told and portrayed or else Nojima wouldn't have used their scene in order to convince us of Zack and Aerith. Kaitai Shinsho" Dismantled in English. That game is sort of like a journal for inner monologues of each character at specific moments in the game. One that's particularly telling is the dialogue Cloud thinks to himself the first time he meets Aerith, where he calls her eyes "impressive", says her smile was a "good purchase"; there's even a later entry where Cloud reacts to Aerith's death by saying that Aerith used to smile like a flower and that he'll never hear her laugh ever again.

Along the way he saves Cissneia member of the Turks. Sephiroth and Zack head to the Sector 5 Reactor to find the rogue Dr. Hollanderwho is suspected of working with Genesis. Zack chases Hollander through the Mako Reactor until he runs into Angeal, who says that as a monster he only dreams of monstrous things: Sprouting wings, Angeal attacks Zack and knocks him back, but Zack refuses to fight his old friend and mentor.

Angeal destroys the platform beneath Zack and sends him plummeting into the Midgar Slums. Zack asking Aerith out on a date as repayment for waking him up. Zack falls through the roof of the Sector 5 Church where he meets Aerith Gainsboroughwhom he offers to pay back her help with a date. Zack is impressed with the flowers that grow in the church, as flowers are a luxury item in the usually barren Midgar, and suggests Aerith sell them.

He and Aerith go to a local market where a child steals his wallet and he discovers the child's own wallet had been eaten by a monster. Zack recovers the kid's wallet and buys Aerith a pink ribbon she will always wear from then on.

Cloud and Aerith: A Story of a Love...

Their date is cut short when Zack is recalled to the Midgar Plate to defeat Genesis. En route Angeal appears and explains he and Zack must work together.

Angeal flies him to the Shinra Building where Sephiroth explains Hollander is most likely after Professor Hojo due to Hojo having taken over his job. After the battle, Angeal and Genesis are gone. After the Midgar attack, during April, Zack is sent to the mountain town of Modeoheim with Tseng and several Shinra infantrymen, one of whom is Cloud Strife.

Their helicopter is shot down by Genesis's troops and the team hikes across the snow.

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Zack and Cloud make headway and when Zack comments that his companion can at least keep up after seeing how far behind Tseng and the other troops have fallen, they learn they are both "country boys" and become immediate friends.

Cloud begins to look up to Zack as a hero and role model, not unlike Zack looking up to Angeal. They discover on a Mako Excavation Facility that Zack infiltrates while Tseng and the troops continue on to Modeoheim. Zack finds Genesis and Dr. Hollander arguing over Hollander not being able to cure Genesis's genetic degradation against his earlier promises.

crisis core meet aerith and cloud

Assuming him dead, Zack hurries after Hollander. Japanese publications referring to the character with a Latin-text name have always used the name "Aerith", including the game manual with the Japanese edition of the game [5]and in the Final Fantasy VII Official Establishment File prior to its release. She wears brown boots and metal bracers on her wrists and around the edges of her jacket sleeves.

In all her appearances Aerith's long light brown hair is plaited with a large pink ribbon; within the ribbon she keeps the White Materia orb given to her by her mother. Segmented bangs frame Aerith's face and she has emerald green eyes. During a Wall Market quest she wears a red spaghetti-strapped formal gown with frill designs and red heels. Her long light brown wavy hair is let loose but retains her large pink ribbon. As a child, she wears a dark blue denim jumper dress with a light teal turtleneck, white socks and brown shoes.

Her ribbon is light teal. After her adoption, she wears a burnt orange loose collar shirt with a yellow collar, brown shorts and a matching short boots. Her ribbon is yellow. Advent Children with new details to her jacket, giving her two pockets on the breast and replacing the metal bands on the sleeves with leather belts.

This is how Aerith appears in most of her spin-off appearances. During their first date Zack Fair buys her the iconic pink hair ribbon, and later suggests Aerith continue to wear pink, likely prompting her wardrobe change to what is seen in Final Fantasy VII. In Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- Aerith wears a pink, white and red top tied around the neck with buttons up the front, and a frilly white and green skirt.

In Kingdom Hearts, Aerith wears a variation of her original Final Fantasy VII attire, abandoning the jacket and bracers, instead wearing a series of metal bracelets on one arm. She also wears a thick bright blue belt. As she was raised in the Midgar SlumsAerith maintains that she can take care of herself and can fight off Shinra troops, as well as demonstrating more subtle forms of savvy.

Aerith is flirtatious with Cloud and possesses a carefree and naive nature, expressing a desire to fly on an airship when the party sails out of Junon.

When Aerith has made up her mind about something she will not listen to anyone who tells her otherwise. Though she means well, Aerith can be insensitive to other people's problems, like when Barret is troubled in the Gold Saucer. Aerith and Tifa often spend time together when the party splits up and are good friends, though both also appear slightly jealous of the other's closeness to Cloud.

As a child, Aerith was reluctant to accept her Cetra heritage, and in Final Fantasy VII she admits to Cloud she considers herself lonely, as she is the only remaining Cetra.

These traits may be influenced by her Cetra heritage allowing her to communicate with the Planet. Aerith has a strong sense of forgiveness, displayed in occasions such as with Cloud after the events at the Temple of the Ancients. She even shows compassion to people who might not deserve the gesture, like Tseng. Aerith is portrayed as an independent, outgoing, motherly [8]and kind young woman who displays an intuitive understanding of others and is deeply in-tune with nature.

Her extrovert personality is a contrast to Tifa's more withdrawn guarded mindset. In Aerith's later portrayals in Before Crisis, Crisis Core and Kingdoms Hearts her outgoing, playful nature is not as apparent, and instead shows a more prayerful and dreamy demeanor.

When she was barely twenty days old, Professor Hojo tracked Gast down, killed him, and captured Ifalna and Aerith. The two became subject to numerous experiments at the hands of Hojo and Shinra as they researched the Cetra. Seven years later, inIfalna and Aerith escaped the Shinra Headquartersbut Ifalna was wounded and only made it as far as the train platform in the slums under Sector 7 before collapsing.

Elmyra Gainsborough was there to wait for her husband's return from the Wutai Warand before passing, Ifalna asked her to keep Aerith safe and so Elmyra brought Aerith home with her. For years, Elmyra raised Aerith alone as her adopted daughter in the slums of Sector 5.