Cramer and stewart meet on the daily show

The 10 best times Jon Stewart kept it real on ‘The Daily Show’

cramer and stewart meet on the daily show

Cramer and Stewart meet on The Daily Show. On March 12, , television personality Jim Cramer appeared as a guest on The Daily Show. Cramer. Jon Stewart. Anyone looking for further proof that the media have latched onto popular rage It was there that Jim Cramer, the former hedge fund manager who hosts CNBC's “Mad Money,” They'll meet once again. Cramer and Stewart meet on The Daily Show . Cramer continued that he had previously idolized Jon Stewart: "The reason why it's been so hard for me, the.

All their slogans are like, 'We know what's going on in Wall Street. What's happening to me?

cramer and stewart meet on the daily show

And it's so windy! What's going on, I'm scared! Plenty of people come in and give their criticism on this show.

But we're dealing with serious issues here; we need solutions, which I offer almost every night.

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I don't want ad hominem attacks. Moreover, Cramer outlined, "But through a clever sound bite, Stewart, and subsequently Rich—neither of whom have bothered to listen to the context of the pulled quote—pass off the notion of account safety as an out-and-out buy recommendation.

If you called Mad Money and asked me about CitigroupI would tell you that the common stock might be worthless, but I would never tell you to pull your money out of the bank because I was worried about its solvency. Your money is safe in Citi as I said it was in Bear. The fact that I was right rankles me even more.

Jim Cramer and Jon Stewart's Daily Show showdown.

So Jim Cramer, I apologize," Stewart said. He then promptly showcased video of Cramer suggesting the safety of Bear Stearns stock during the Lightning Round on Mad Money, eleven days prior to the collapse of Bear Stearns. Stewart then stated, "He's not saying literally 'I'm asking you to buy Bear Stearns'; for that you have to go back a full seven weeks before the stock completely collapsed.

cramer and stewart meet on the daily show

Jon Stewart is a comedian, and he's decided to focus on some calls I made during a bull market. The guy is a comedian. Commentator Joe Scarborough weighed in on the feud, criticizing Stewart and The Daily Show for being unfair to those ideologically opposed to Stewart: Tell us where America needs to go in the future.

And let us take a microphone around and a camera around with him 24 hours a day for a couple of months and then we can edit out all the mistakes he makes.

Jon Stewart–Jim Cramer conflict

It's very easy to shoot at the arena. Feud between CNBC and The Daily Show continues to escalate Cramer defended himself in a column published on March 11, which claimed that Stewart's criticism of Cramer had taken his words out of context.

He also said that he had told his viewers to sell all their stocks in October The March 11 episode of The Daily Show only briefly mentioned the controversy by featuring a montage of various network news personalities repeatedly characterizing Stewart and Cramer's back-and-forth as a "war of words", "full-blown war" and "anchor war," which Stewart called a "largely manufactured battle. Cramer revealed trepidation to Martha Stewart about his upcoming appearance that night: How bad is it gonna be?

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Is he gonna kill me? And then suddenly to be attacked by a guy that's your idol makes it difficult. On the set, a glowing quintet of NBC peacocks lurked behind Cramer's hunched form. Out of his mouth came regular pleas that he has worked hard to drive corporate snakes off our financial island.

From his soul came some semisincere groveling of the type you use when making excuses in the office of your assistant principal or general practitioner. He refused to get the fundamental point, and you can't blame him for that: To do so would have invited an existential crisis.

cramer and stewart meet on the daily show

Stewart, expressing chagrin that Cramer had become the single face of a multiheaded monster, made a persuasive argument that the financial-news networks behaved especially during the yearslong run-up to the mortgage crisis less like watchdogs than jackals. The notion was that the networks, being aware of a gap between image and reality that they had steadfastly refused to address in their coverage, had abdicated their journalistic responsibilities faster than you can say "Judith Miller.

The mock-stentorian intro made much of this "weeklong feud of the century" as a blockbuster pseudo-event: One hand raises a heavy-metal salute and encourages Stewart to rock on.

cramer and stewart meet on the daily show

The other is filled with small questions: How much of his indignation is moral and how much is simply aesthetic? Why is this satirist aroused to his most serious anger by loudmouthed hacks?