Big bang theory howard and bernadette meet

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big bang theory howard and bernadette meet

Big Bang EP Talks Baby-Name Debate, Dismisses Penny Pregnancy Buzz. On Thursday’s Big Bang Theory, Howard and Bernadette welcomed their second child, son Neil Michael, in an episode that seemed to foreshadow future stork-related surprises for Penny/Leonard and Amy/Sheldon. The Big Bang Theory Photos: Welcome to the world, Baby Wolowitz! on . Ever since Howard and Bernadette announced they'd be expecting a new Big Bang Theory, everyone's been counting the days until they'd be able to meet . Bernadette's father, Mike Rostenkowski, is a retired police officer who reportedly holds many right-wing views. When Howard first met Mike, Bernadette told.

We had just done a season of her [being] pregnant, so it was a great surprise for the characters and for us to have her pregnant again. It was a really fun jolt, but then you have to wrestle with "Well, how do you do these stories differently a second time around?

big bang theory howard and bernadette meet

How was it for Melissa to wear the baby bump after she had just had a baby in real life? I think it was nice that she could actually just take the baby bump off at the end of the day as opposed to the nine months previously.

big bang theory howard and bernadette meet

Will we see and hear this baby, or is the situation going to be treated the same way it was with Halley? Luckily the baby is super little right now.

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It makes me feel terrible for them. Actually, when Maria Ferrari, one of the writers, was pregnant the first time, we spent a lot of time pitching baby names to her, including ones like 'Ranatinada. So how did you decide on the baby's name? Michael, of course, is Bernadette's father's name, but what about the nod to Neil Armstrong? The Next Generation cast also made some memorable appearances as well. One of the people he invited to a gathering was Burton. He was late, so Sheldon gave up and left.

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This was a running gag when he showed up in season six and eight, and the actor seemed to enjoy playing a heightened parody of himself through his three appearances. Though Leonard was never as popular as Sheldon, that story continued on, but it was just one of many different plots that drove the series to huge success. Zack first appeared in season 3 as a new guy who started dating Penny. Then, there was the Las Vegas marriage. Luckily, that was it for him outside of a handful of cameos in later years.

big bang theory howard and bernadette meet

Sadly for Sheldon, he couldn't make it to the autograph signing because he got a ticket driving Penny to the hospital. A perfect example comes with the character of Bert Kibbler. Brian Posehn is a fantastic actor and a very funny comedian and this character has his moments of hilarious humor thanks to his comic timing, but there were more than a few problems with Bert. At the end of the day, Bert is there to be an adult version of the main cast members -- the uber-nerd who is often the brunt of jokes both because of what is done to him as well as what he causes to happen with his own actions.

His awkward line delivery made him a perfect character to interact with the gang, and he always delivered. Newhart debuted in season 6 as Professor Proton -- a fictional version of a Mr.

big bang theory howard and bernadette meet

Wizard character, a children's science show television host. Sheldon idolizes him and when Professor Proton fell out of favor on TV, Sheldon hired him to entertain him. This worked as well with characters like Bernadette and Amy as it did with original lead character Penny. However, before Sheldon met Bernadette, he had another romantic relationship with a woman named Ramona.

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It was a terrible portrayal of a female figure, as she could have easily been more well-rounded as a genius with quirky problems like the rest of the cast. She ended up coming back in season 10 to push Sheldon into proposing to Amy. Bernadette instantly became a standout character.