Asterix and obelix meet cleopatra cartoon book

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asterix and obelix meet cleopatra cartoon book

Sep 22, Asterix and Obelix: Mission CleopatraGenre: Comedy/Adventure Director: Alain Chabat Cast: Gerard Depardieu, Christian Clavier, Monica. May 14, Better still, Edifis meets the deadline laid down by Cleopatra for building a palace for 34 - Asterix and Obelix's Birthday – The Golden Book. Ast rix & Ob lix: Mission Cl op tre (Asterix and Obelix Meet Cleopatra) .. adventure-comedy movie reminds me in my childhood based on the comic book.

Much of the humour, history and cultural allusions is pitched way above your eight-year-old self. This story rips along at a rapid rate compared to that famous flat four-hour filmic flop. When Caesar flippantly intimates that Egypt has faded to being a second-rate nation, Queen Cleopatra makes a bet that her best architect, Edifis, can produce a palace every bit as impressive as the pyramids or Sphinx in only three months.

Asterix, Obelix and Dogmatix [making his book debut] journey to Egypt to help win the bet over Caesar. Obelix has fallen for the beautiful Panacea but quickly finds she is betrothed to another, Tragicomix, who has been conscripted into the Roman army and sent to Africa.

asterix and obelix meet cleopatra cartoon book

Obelix volunteers to join the legionnaires and bring him back from the battlefields of the Roman civil war — but first he must get through the fierce training from Romans Nefarius Purpus and Dubius Status.

Tragicomix is drawn as an homage to French actor Jean Marais, who melts the frame even in comic form. What do you keep on saying what for? Always the most well-thumbed copy in the school library, Asterix in Britain tells the story of Asterix and Obelix's trek to Roman-occupied Blighty, as ruled by governor Encyclopaedius Britannicus. Writer Goscinny placed a note in the English version just in case the Brits took real offence at the French jibing. Asterix and Obelix Meet Cleopatra 27 x 40 Movie Poster: Posters & Prints

The most famous cameo comes from a group of bards — none other than a blond version of The Beatles — that give lyre-bearing village throat-strangler Cacophonix a run in the noise stakes.

Unable to beat the Gauls by means of war, the Romans attempt to divide and conquer by introducing capitalism into the village. Panoramix refuses to give any to Obelix, much to his disgruntlement. Building progress becomes so rapid that the labourers exhaust their supplies of stone; Amonbofis has bribed the supplier to dump the subsequent shipment into the Nile and the Gauls are forced to escort a fleet of ships to fetch more.

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Sightseeing en route, the trio visit the Pyramids at Giza. In his attempt to scale the SphinxObelix provides an outlandish hypothesis as to how the monument came to be without a nose. The Gauls are intercepted by Amonbofis' sidekick Krukhut, who poses as a guide with the intention of getting the Gauls lost during a tour of the Great Pyramid. Trapped deep within the pyramid, Panoramix gives Obelix his first taste of magic potion, presumably to give him the strength to break them out.

The Gauls fail to negotiate the maze, but eventually escape after being heroically tracked by Idefix. Undeterred, Amonbofis and Krukhut make a further attempt to prevent the stone reaching its destination by hiring the same gang of pirates seen earlier in the film to attack the fleet on its return to Alexandria.

A short second encounter with the pirates alleviates Obelix's boredom, despite their cowardly attempt at retreat. In a final effort to stop the three Gauls, Amonbofis frames them for an attempt to poison Cleopatra with the gift of a cake made from such ingredients as arsenicstrychnine and vitriol.

asterix and obelix meet cleopatra cartoon book

Asterix, Obelix and Panoramix are thrown into the dungeon after the Queen's taster becomes ill from eating the cake. Panoramix carries an antidote that enables them to eat the remainder of the cake giving the impression that it was in fact harmless as well as curing the taster after claiming he has indigestion.

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The Gauls are pardoned and catch Amonbofis and Krukhut despite their attempt to hide inside Sarcophogi; their punishment is to work for Numerobis as labourers. Cleopatra gloats over the likelihood of winning her bet to Caesar, who fears he will lose face with her should she get the better of him and instructs his spy to infiltrate the building site.

Learning that the Gauls and their magic potion are involved, Caesar orders his three mercenariesbrothers, to kidnap Panoramix and knock over the cauldron for which they will receive a bag of gold. However the oldest brother tells the other two to capture Panoramix while he knocks over the potion.

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While they tie up and gag Panoramix the mercenary drinks the potion and knocks over the cauldron, before overpowering his brothers and taking Panoramix to Caesar. The two mercenaries are caught by Asterix and Obelix, who learn of what has happened to Panoramix.

The Mercenary returns to Caesar and is given the gold while Panoramix is imprisoned.