Ace and luffy meet in alabaster jar

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ace and luffy meet in alabaster jar

Kaizoku-ou Monkey D Luffy is an avid fanfiction reader and an active have imagined what trying to keep Luffy from meeting any pirates could cause. Now Luffy, Ace, and Sabo have their own powers to make each of their What if the box that contained the Gomu Gomu no Mi was locked keeping Luffy from eating it ? AU!. Shop Portgas D. Ace portgas d ace one piece t-shirts designed by thienphong as well as other .. How he lived before meeting Luffy and One Piece. One Piece: Heart of Gold · One piece the movie: Kaisokuou ni ore wa naru . on Level 6 of Impel Down but escaped during Luffy's invasion to save Ace, in. . There, the Straw Hat Pirates meet the ruler of the country, the golden Box Office Follows One Piece: Episode of Alabaster - Sabaku no Ojou to Kaizoku Tachi.

At a bar, he interrupts a confrontation between a man named Portgas D. Ace and Captain Smoker of the Marinesknocking both through the wall without his noticing. Luffy grabs a lot of meat, but flees when Smoker stands back up and gives chase. He leads the Marines directly to his crew mates that were purchasing provisions and water in the town.

Just as Smoker tries to catch them, Ace interrupts and secures an escape route for the Straw Hat Pirates. Back on the ship, Luffy tells the crew the man who saved them was his brother. Ace hops onto the ship and meets the crew, but does not stay long and gives Luffy a piece of paper before leaving, destroying seven ships with Billions of the Baroque Works on the way out.

Vivi also sends Karoo with a message to Alubarna to warn the King. They encounter a group of Kung-Fu Dugongswho challenge the crew only to be beaten up by Luffy. However, the dugongs now want to become his apprentices, forcing Chopper to bribe them with half their food so they can leave. They enter the town of Erumaluformerly also known as the Green City, but is now deserted and destroyed by the sand. They continue their journey through the desert, and Luffy, while resting in a shadow of a big rock, loses half their stuff to Warusagi Birds who trick travelers and steal their luggage.

He chases after them but returns alongside a camel that is being chased by a gigantic Great Sandora Lizard. In joined efforts, Sanji, Zoro and Luffy kill the lizard and cook it. The camel, who happens to be a pervert, is given the name " Eyelashes " by Nami and joins the crew, giving Nami and Vivi and only them a ride on his back. In the meantime, the Officer Agents have gathered in the Spiders Cafe and are led to Rainbase for the briefing of their final mission as Baroque Works.

However, the only citizen left in town tells them that the rebels are now in an oasis near Nanohana, for Yuba is now almost a daily target of sandstorms. The old citizen turns out to be an old friend of Vivi's, Toto. Here, we learn of their past together along with his son and her friend, Kohzawho is currently the leader of the Rebel Army. He gives the Straw Hats a place to sleep and also digs up a gallon of water in the night.

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The Straw Hats leave Yuba in the morning as Vivi wants to return to Nanohana, but Luffy becomes gravely serious and tells her that stopping the Rebels will not get rid of Crocodile nor prevent any loss of life and they should go to Rainbase where Crocodile resides.

He notes that even if they manage to reach the rebels, Crocodile will still try something to continue the war—it should be noted that, at this point, they still thought there was time before the battles started.

After a tough argument and a scuffle in which Luffy states they're all risking their lives, Vivi agrees and leads them to Rainbase. They are told the goal of the Baroque Works, their final mission and their respective parts in overthrowing Alabasta. They are interrupted by Mr. He asks Crocodile for forgiveness, but is fed to his pet Bananawani huge crocodiles with banana-shaped growths on their heads instead.

The Officer Agents all get pictures of Vivi and the Straw Hat crew excluding Sanji with the help of Bon Kurei's abilities and are given the order to hunt them down excluding Chopper as Crocodile believed he was the Straw Hats pet.

Crocodile's Plan Unveiled Edit Upon their arrival in Rainbase, the thirsty Luffy and Usopp rush right into a bar to get water, only to unexpectedly run into Captain Smoker and Tashigi there and spit water in their faces from shock. They get chased by the two and their Marine squad, which also draws the attention of the Baroque Works Billions stationed.

The crew splits into groups: Luffy finally meeting with Crocodile. Vivi is surrounded by Billions, but is saved by Pella guard of the king who flew to Rainbase after Karoo's arrival in order to scout. There Crocodile tells her his plan to overthrow Alabasta while it is being executed.

There, he "admits" that he used Dance Powder to make it so that it rains only in Alubarna, and orders his soldiers to destroy the town, because they were the ones who saw the powder being carried in.

Kohza confronts him, but he is shot. However, during execution Mr. Kappa, heavily wounded, is spotted by rebel soldiers, and seeing what the "king" has done, Kohza decides to launch an attack on Alubarna. Crocodile dares Vivi to try and help her friends and he floods the room, lets Bananawani in, and has one swallow the key.

However he suddenly gets a phone call by a Mr. Prince, recognized by the crew as Sanji, who starts off by imitating the phone call in Little Garden. Sanji makes Crocodile believe he got caught in front of the Rain Dinners and Crocodile goes to check out the situation in front of the casino. Chopper acts as a decoy, using his powers to avoid Crocodile while Sanji destroys the bridge between the Rain Dinners and the rest of Rainbase to ensure that Crocodile can not return to Rain Dinners right away.

With Smoker's suggestion, Sanji kicks the right Bananawani with the key, making it cough up both the key and a large wax ball. Sanji defeats a Bananawani. As it turns out, the wax ball was created by Mr. However, Sanji forces him to make a copy of the key using his powers, and releases everyone. When Crocodile returns, he sees that everyone is gone, as they had escaped by going underwater with Sanji and Zoro carrying Luffy and Smoker through the water because of their Devil Fruit powers.

Chopper picks up the crew with a Moving Crab named Scissorsa friend of Eyelashes. Smoker decides not to pursue the Straw Hats to repay the favor to them for saving his life and instead gives the order to have nearby Marine forces depart for Alabasta immediately, heading out to their ship and leaving Tashigi in charge. As the Straw Hats run away, Crocodile tries to snatch Vivi from the crab, but she is saved by Luffy who lets himself get dragged off by the crab, promising to meet them in Alubarna.

Luffy is defeated by Crocodile for the first time. Crocodile says that he will humor Luffy for three minutes, but will finish him off once that time is up.

Luffy attacks Crocodile, but discovers that he can not hit Crocodile as he just turns into sand thanks to the ability of his devil fruit, the Suna Suna no Mi. Crocodile also shows off some attacks as well, one of which dries Luffy's arm out, but Luffy takes water from his small barrel to restore his strength. Once the three minutes are up, Crocodile creates a sandstorm and sends it off to Yuba, where Toto is, and explains that he was the one who was sending storms there every day.

Luffy yells for him to stop it but Crocodile impales him with his hook during his distress. When Luffy proves he is still alive, Crocodile leaves him in quicksand to die. She then leaves Luffy in the hands of Pell, telling Pell that Luffy is responsible for the safe return of Vivi. Edit The rest of the Straw Hat crew is on the way to Alubarna, only to discover that the Sandora River is in their path and that moving crabs can not swim.

They try anyway, but they almost drown and are attacked by a Sandora Rare Catfish. However, the fish is defeated by the Kung-Fu Dugongs they met before. The Dugongs bring them on the back of the fish to the other side of the river where they are met by Karoo and the Spot Billed Duck Squadthe fastest animals on Alabasta. Meanwhile the Rebel Army under the leadership of Kohza have started their rush on Alubarna.

Alubarna is evacuated and the royal army, led by Chakais preparing the city for the rebel attack. Outside of Alubarna, the officer agents are waiting for Vivi to arrive and catch her, but are thrown into confusion as six hooded people arrive on Spot Billed Ducks.

They are forced to pursue them in a hasty decision trying to figure out which one is Vivi. Bon Kurei and Sanji fight. The real Vivi however hid behind a rock and waited for the Straw Hats to distract the officer agents to buy her time. She tries to stop the rebel army, but a dust cloud caused by a Baroque Works agent under cover in the royal army prevents the Rebel Army from seeing her.

She is covered by Karoo to not get trampled down by the rebel army. As she awakes she is greeted by Usopp, but she sees through Mr. Karoo runs off with her climbing the steep walls of Alubarna but still is pursued by Mr. However, he gets delayed by Sanji, who buys Vivi time to get to the palace. Doublefinger is defeated by Nami.

ace and luffy meet in alabaster jar

The Straw Hats each face a dangerous battle. Chopper and Usopp battle Mr. Nami fights Miss Doublefinger in her first solo fight in the series, using a new weapon created by Usopp called the Clima-Tact and her knowledge of weather to beat her opponent.

Zoro faces against Mr.

Alabasta Arc

Vivi arrives at the palace and gives order for the Royal Army to blow up the palace in order to get everyone's attention, but is stopped by Crocodile. The army, realizing what is happening, try to enter the palace but are stopped by Miss All-Sunday. Kohza also arrives at the scene, intending to demand Cobra's surrender, only to find out the truth of the situation.

Crocodile reveals that he is going to blow up the palace plaza, soon to be center point of battle, with a massive and powerful bomb. He also reveals his true intentions: Kohza wants to warn the city but is stopped by Vivi, who states that it will create a panic.

The Royal Army raises the white flag, with Kohza in front, but he is shot down by a double agent in the Royal Army, provoking the rebels. A battle starts on the palace plaza and Vivi watches in horror. Crocodile proceeds to throw Vivi off a palace wall, but she is saved by Luffy who came in flying on Pell's back. Vivi meets the rest of the Straw Hats on the foot of the wall and goes to search for the bomb with them and Pell. Luffy flings himself back up to Crocodile and Miss All Sunday goes off with Cobra to the Poneglyphwhich is supposed to reveal the location of Pluton.

Luffy, armed with a barrel of water, confronts Crocodile again, as he found his weakness and manages to get a few good hits. Crocodile however can still dry him up and stop his attempts at getting him wet by trying to blow away the soaked Luffy and his barrel.

Seeing this, Luffy decides to take in all the water from the barrel, completely filling him, dubbing himself "Water Luffy". Crocodile does not take this form seriously and pays for it when Luffy fires a water bubble completely soaking Crocodile, and hits him with a Gomu Gomu no Bazooka. While the fight continues, Miss All Sunday takes the nails painfully out of Cobra's body and cuffs him with her powers to force the King to the location of Pluton.

Meanwhile, a furious Crocodile recovers and orders his partner to quickly depart. Soon, the Shichibukai reveals that his powers affect everything including inanimate objects and proceeds to dry out the entire garden of the Royal Palace, and anything connected to it, forcing Luffy to attempt to hang on to the walls.

Unfortunately, Crocodile appears grabbing Luffy by the neck. He attempts to soak the Baroque Works leader but misses, and is dehydrated in response and left to die once again. Luckily, the water bubbles that Luffy fired fall back down on him re-hydrating him and narrowly saving his life.

Keep moving with him and use his attacks, because he is pretty quick. You may wish to call his shark friend, but keep in mind that it is a rather slow combination and it may leave you wide open. If you're not careful, you may take damage from them before your shark is able to initiate the combo. His other combination is good, but it is tricky because it requires a grab to pull off. You may just want to outmaneuver your opponent and do your best with the shark and his regular moves.

This is useful for reaching high platforms, treetops, and similar places. Even when you're struck down, don't stop pressing! A well-timed hit or jump can help you recover from a knockdown more quickly and, in the case of some of the fighters, pressing the O button when you're down can enable you to leap back and get in a sneaky hit on an unsuspecting opponent! You can put down items by pressing [] again or by pressing O and down when standing.

If you are in the air, though, you will throw the item downwards. Pressing O and down tends to give it more force even while standing, so be aware of that fact. When you fight, your character will have a life bar and a level sphere, which has three segments to it. When your sphere is full, that means you can do a level three, a level two and a level one, or three level one combinations before you have to restore levels.

You do this by way of food items, which have the added bonus of restoring health! You may also use the compass if there is one, which will restore all your levels Once a character's health bar reaches its end, the fight will typically be over.

However, sometimes the One Piece Heat can come into play, and they will return in Heat Mode, more powerful and faster than before. They can be defeated again, and depending on the mode they may or may not return. A character defeated with a combination will typically not return with One Piece Heat. Here is a listing of each character's special moves.

It can be assumed unless otherwise noted that you must press L1 or R1 before performing the move. Moves where it's noted you hold X, you can build up power by doing so, then release X to execute the move. Typically if you hold X, you can increase both the strength and the distance spanned by the move, making the chance greater that you will be able to initiate the combination.

Almost all combinations can be blocked or defeated with a combination themselves, cancelling out each other. However, with direct combinations such as the grab combos, this is not likely to happen!

You can also stop a combination before it starts, in the case of combos that a character charges up, by hitting them yourself or with an object before they release the charge. You can open containers by attacking them once, but be careful! If you touch a harmful item, you may be damaged. Take care to pick them up, and try to use them against your opponent. Also beware of explosive items, because they might send you packing if you get too violent with containers they're in.

Something you might not know but will probably see the CPU player doing is that you can catch some projectiles! You do this by pressing [], just as if you were picking them up. You can do this without harm to yourself and then throw the item back, such as bombs! You can also hit crates and chests and the like at your opponent by doing a dash attack on the item.

Make sure to time this right so that they are too close to dodge, and they will be stunned momentarily, leaving them wide open for an attack. If you block at exactly the right time, you will execute a Bingo Guard, which is extremely useful in that you gain a level by doing it.

This is useful both in fights and in unlocking things, so use it wherever you can! Barrels tend to hold recovery items like foods although be careful because some food may come out spoiled at randomtreasure chests tend to hold bonus items like the sword and shield, and crates tend to hold utility items such as lamps, shuriken, and bombs. FOOD Food recovers health and usually one level.

However, if food is left out too long, it will start to blink purple and then spoil, turning fully purple. Spoiled food can be a serious matter, and it can leave you regretting your contact with it by taking off health and, in some cases, taking off levels and leaving you stunned. Meat - Recovers the most health.

Beer - Recovers some health. Rice Ball - Recovers some health. Gem - Gives you sword, boot, and shield bonus. Sword - Increases attack temporarily.

Shield - Increases defense temporarily. Boot - Increases speed temporarily. Compass - Restores levels to full. Shuriken - This throwing star will travel in a straight line once thrown, in whichever direction it is thrown.

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Lamp - Fragile and will break easily and spew fire all around it. Touching it will set you on fire, but hitting an opponent with it will do the same for them. You can also break one by throwing something at it or firing a distance shot, which will send four flames across anyone or anything nearby. Bomb - Automatically detonates in a short time if left alone, before which it will flash red more and more quickly. It also detonates on contact with any character, item, or structure.

Poison Mushroom - On contact with any character, it poisons them temporarily. If thrown, it generates a field of poison spores that will poison any character immediately upon contact. The field can be dispersed by hitting it, but be careful because it goes invisible after a time.

Hot Pepper - Causes slight damage and makes character run constantly, making it impossible for them to block.

Animal Trap Arlong Park - Attaches to character upon contact, causes damage if they attempt to attack. Cactus Bikoshi Crab - Causes confusion upon contact, mixing up the directions on the control pad. Anchor Training Grounds - Can be thrown at opponents.

Select it to see a bar where the characters have gathered. You can select any of the characters who have assembled there, so just move the selector around to see their names and choose one.

If you select one with bodyguards or assistants, you will need to select which one you would like to use this time. Don't ignore the posters on the wall, as they are also selectable characters. Initially on this screen you may also notice that some of the characters have flashing stars on them. This means that you have cleared Event Battle using them, and so it also means that you've unlocked their alternate costumes! In Event Battle, you can choose which opponent out of the two you would like to face.

At stage 5, you fight your character's main foe, who will be unlocked the first time you defeat them! Play through with all the characters to make sure everyone is unlocked that can be. You can also play through on normal difficulty after this and, if you reach the fifth battle without continues using any character, you will unlock Karoo after you defeat the main foe. If you play through Event Battle with every single character ten times on any difficulty, then play through on Difficult using Smoker, you will encounter Ace at the end.

Defeat him to unlock him! See the Characters section for information on each character and his or her fighting style, and here are a few tips that should carry you well through the Event Battle! You can also choose an opponent for a more advantageous or treacherous stage. If you are playing a very slow character, don't choose an extremely fast opponent unless you're prepared to compensate for your lack of speed.

His stage is so ridiculous that he often ends up defeating himself by plunging into the water! When you start this mode, you will be given a screen where you pick a character to play, then an opponent to fight. Choose those, and you will be taken to a second screen. Some characters such as Bibi and Shanks have bodyguards or assistants they can choose from. If you choose a character who has those, most of the time you will have to choose which one you want to fight with before advancing to the next screen.

Here, you can choose a stage to play in. Going from left to right, top to bottom, the stages are: If you want to, you can change the options on this to suit you more perfectly. If you can read Japanese, of course, it's a lot easier! However, if you're fine with things the way they are, you can just press the O button again. If not, select the other option and press O. You will now be able to change the options.

Time Limit - 99 is default; press left for infinite, right for Number of Rounds - 2 is default; press left for 3, right for 1. Handicap 1P - Normal is default; one left is weak, two left is feeble, one right is strong, two right is strongest. Handicap 2P - Normal is default; one left is weak, two left is feeble, one right is strong, two right is strongest. Food Charge - Full is default; press left for hungry.

Items - Normal is default; press left for many, right for few. Then choose the bottom option and choose the option presented to you after that to enter battle. Most of the stages that are a character's stage meaning when you fight them in Event Battle, you appear at that stage are advantageous to that character. Keep this in mind if you want to choose an appropriate stage for the Grand Battle mode.

You can do a second jump while sailing through the air to stop yourself, so don't fall in the water! The top floor of the building is destructible, and inside it is a compass. Break in if you need it; you can also use it as a route through instead of going over, but be careful not to get pinned down inside. They do at times prove to be a frustrating and random addition however! Be careful of the nut, as once it's disposed of one time, it'll appear in another container at random soon afterwards, to be discovered again.

It bounces, and it can bowl you over. Also, the water under the bridge can be surprisingly treacherous. Use the trees for vantage points and for taking the occasional breather. One of the most effective ways of pinning an opponent down is by tricking them into falling down off of the castle itself to the lower left, and dropping things on them while at the same time getting recovery items for yourself.

It can be very difficult to get back up from there unless the wall is demolished though, but once the wall is taken out your opponent can easily return to where you are. Keep this in mind when attempting to toss bombs down on them. Speaking of which, bombs will fly freely through this stage, so be careful not to be hit. Don't attack any of the animals in the stage, or it may cause them to make a fuss and bring a huge snowball rampaging through. Also, don't touch the fireplace in the room at the bottom of the castle, or you will be burned.

The man in the car on the wire will throw off helpful items, so if you need them and happen to be on the bottom left, try to catch them! Remember, you can jump in the tree if you need to get more altitude. The crab's claws move back and forth, up and down, and so they can provide good platforms to escape a merciless foe temporarily.

They can also be used well to trick people from above, and the open sides of the stage are good for knocking opponents off and doing damage that way. Be careful not to get knocked off yourself, and be sure not to be hit by one of the cactus items that appear only in this stage.

It's particularly nasty if you get hit by one and become disoriented, because it will leave you wide open for a combo! Remember your block button and try to avoid the cacti if at all possible. Remember, if you find an item you don't want used against you and you're not sure you can use effectively yourself, throw it off the stage!

The platforms at either side on the very top rotate, making it impossible to remain there for very long, and the people throw things into the pit, not all advantageous items. On either side there is water to fall into, and if that weren't enough a rush of sand flows through the bottom of the level from time to time.

Advice here is to keep moving and don't let yourself get backed into a corner. Also, try to avoid the bottom level because the sudden sand flow can catch you off guard and throw you up against containers, bad items, or even throw you into the water.

Be careful of things flying in from the people at the top of the pit, and don't stay on the rotating platforms. Furthermore, the Kuroneko Pirate ship periodically fires on the shore, sending explosive cannonballs much like bombs sailing down upon everyone there.

The oil on the incline makes it easy to slip down onto the shore and difficult to climb up onto the island proper. You'll hear when the ship fires its cannons, so all you have to do is keep an eye out for the shadows; they'll tell you where the cannonballs are going to land. You can pick them up and throw them at your opponent, but this is risky.

If you must use them offensively, perhaps try tossing an item at them from afar when your opponent is close by, to catch them with the explosion. The oil can be a frustrating feature to this stage, but sometimes it can also catch unwary foes and enable you to seize victory more easily. Be careful of the tide at the bottom of the incline though, because it can really affect your movement. The water itself can be easily stumbled into, causing damage to you.

They can also fall off onto you, which will stun you! Be careful not to let that happen. Also, be careful not to fall off the ship yourself. It's a tricky thing to manage. Baratie, on the left, is usually the best place to dwell for the fight as it is easy to position yourself to pull off a combo successfully on any one of the platforms on the ship. It can be very difficult to do anything on the right, because the constant movement of the ship can be confusing and the shifting of the items can hinder any attempt at laying a trap or charging a combo.

Lots of water in this stage make it ideal for Arlong, not so ideal for the rest of the characters. You can fall in the water on the far right, over the wall, so be aware of this and use it to your advantage if you get in a fight in the tree.

Don't allow yourself to get backed into the corner near the tree though, because that can be a prime place to get pinned down and thoroughly trounced. The small structures just to the left of the tree and to the far left of the stage are good for surprise attacks upward or fighting on the roofs. The traps in this stage are useful if you can use them against your opponent, but don't let yourself be caught by them or it could be serious!

If you are caught, just avoid and don't attack under any circumstances. Attacking is what sets them off and causes damage to you, but you can still pick up and throw items freely. Be sure to time your jumps right and avoid the two major water hazards in this stage. And in this stage that is the largest danger. Be careful, because there will be an area on the ground that you can see is different from the rest before the lightning strikes.

Avoid it at all costs, because when it gets darker the lightning will strike, and anything in its path will be fried, causing a good bit of damage and leaving any characters stunned as well! It's very difficult to use this to your advantage, so just avoid the lightning and try to carry on with your battle. The platforms on either side of the stage can make things easier or more difficult depending on the characters, but overall it isn't as hazardous or complex and confusing as many of the other stages.

So don't make jumps and attacks thinking that they're always the same distance apart. Also, be careful of the house because its inhabitant is armed and can be very dangerous! The water in the stage is the greatest hazard, so use it to your advantage.

Stay chiefly on the left island because it is larger, but stick to the rooftop because the surface leaves you open for attack by not only your opponent but the native!

The boat on the far left is good for periodical item-grabbing, but don't stay there unless you're baiting your opponent for a combo.

The windmill provides a good altitude and also random bonus items for you in the fight. You can bait some opponents by waiting just off the ramp, on the ship, and launch into a combo when they get close enough.

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It's also a good stage for Luffy because he can easily position himself under a foe for one of his combinations as well. Use the windmill and the multi-level ship for a good strategy. They can be very useful, especially if you have combos you might need special positioning to pull off successfully.

Unfortunately it also doesn't have any platforms upon which you might jump to avoid your foe, so it really does work like a training ground!

ace and luffy meet in alabaster jar

By the time you unlock it, you'll probably be intimately familiar with the layout of the stage. Be sure to keep moving and attacking as you can, and don't use any lengthy combos that will leave you wide open unless you happen to be between your opponent and the anchor. If you aren't careful, your opponent will use the anchor at almost every opportunity!

In it, you can practice your skills against an opponent of your choice without worrying about them or you taking actual damage or wasting your special moves, because both health and levels regenerate.

When you look at the command list through the pause menu, there is a circle to the left of the name of the command. To the right is a diagram of what you must do in order to perform the move. Most of these are self-explanatory. Once you perform a move for your character, the circle to the left of the move will turn red and you will get an 'OK' on the screen for doing it right. You have to actually hit your opponent with a move to successfully pull it off.

First, make sure you've done all the moves as outlined in the list. This includes both standing moves and moves done in the air. You can use the anchor to throw at your opponent and knock them in the air; make sure you choose a training opponent who is actually going to go some distance in the air. I recommend Mihawk, Nami, or Karoo if you have him unlocked. Also, remember that some moves can only be done when you're being attacked, so you may have to turn on the COM player in order to accomplish this.

Remember that each character has a grapple move that is performed by pressing [] when close enough. A 'Complete' will flash on the screen when you have successfully performed every move in the list for your character.

ace and luffy meet in alabaster jar

There were a few characters that I felt may need further notation in order to complete their moves list. Make sure you move back so it doesn't hit you, then quickly jump and throw her hat up so it will be waiting for them when they come down.

It can take a couple of times, but you will eventually succeed. Usopp - His final attack on the list you can see it if you look just above the combination attacks is accomplished by pressing O when he's been hit so much that he's knocked down. Make sure your opponent is close you need to have the COM on to attack you to this point, and you may want to turn off COM when they get close enough to be hit and then press O, and he will make a surprise attack.

Karoo - Karoo has a final list attack that's done exactly the same as Usopp, so just do it the same way. Choose it, and you'll be taken to a room with four treasure chests. In here, you will have four options to view. Character Data - This is the first chest, the red one. In the Character Data room, you can view the characters and see who they are.

If you press left or right on the first box, you alternate between characters. If you press down and select the second box, pressing O will play the currently selected voice sample.

You can press left or right to choose different samples. In the third box you can read about the characters and, if you press right, you can see how many times they've completed Event Battle and how many battles they've been in.

The second page is unlocked after completing Training Mode, and there are two more pages available by completing Event Mode at Strongest difficulty. Theater - This is the second if you go right, the blue one. Here you can choose to view any cinemas that you have unlocked. Simply press up or down to select the one you want to watch, then press O to watch it.

Gallery - This is the third if you go right, the green one. The Gallery holds all the pictures you've unlocked so far, typically by completing Event Battle and unlocking characters, or by progressing in the game.

You can use the control pad to select any picture you've unlocked and view it with O. Visual Adventure - This is the fourth if you go right, the yellow one. Here you can see various galleries of very special pictures that you can unlock through gameplay.