Abbott and costello meet frankenstein bloopers big

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abbott and costello meet frankenstein bloopers big

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankensteinnote (the official title is actually Bud Abbott Lou Big Bad Ensemble: Frankenstein, Dracula, and the Wolf Man, although Dracula is the true Big Bad. Outtakes showing Strange laughing have survived. That movie, Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, was ambitious for a number . leads to the famous blooper of Dracula appearing in the nearby mirror). Marvel has done in recent years, but at the time, it was a big deal. Classic TV Bloopers: Uncensored by Lucille Ball DVD $ stars in this hilarious compilation of bloopers from some of the biggest movies in history. 5 more minutes for the Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein bloopers and near 50 .

As he lies in his hypnotic state the Monster sees him and gasps in horror! Little does Wilbur know his beautiful girlfriend Dr.

Sandra Mornay Lenore Aubert has designs on more than his body, and is in reality a slave of Dracula. They decide that Wilbur's simple brain would be perfect for the Monster.

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Wilbur constantly annoys the disbelieveing Chick with all his monster sightings, but soon Chick realizes the monsters are among them and they must help Talbot in his quest to destroy Dracula and his lumbering servant!

In fact, with few exceptions, they play it straight throughout the whole film. The comedy is left to the masters, whose reactions to the fantastic goings-on, are priceless. Lou's reaction to Dracula rising from his coffin or when he sits on the Monster's lap in Dracula's dungeon are terrific moments. Lugosi is in perfect form playing the Count for the first time in 17 years. It's unbelievable that he was on the bottom of Universal's list behind actors Ian Keith who competed with him for the role in and John Carradine.

It's interesting to note his make-up was created by Bud Westmore, replacing the recently-fired Jack Pierce. Rather than yak hair his mask was one of foam rubber -- easier on Chaney but not as impressive.

Glenn Strange had more to do and more screen time than his previous appearances as the Monster in "House of Frankenstein" and "House of Dracula" but essentially his performance is the same. His craggy features were an asset to the Monster's appearance and he looked better in the role than Chaney or Lugosi. Bud and Lou are in rare form and this film is an example of their amazing talent.

Watching Lou flee in terror is worth the price of admission. Personally my favorite moment is during the final chase through the mansion. As the Monster lumbers after them Lou yanks a tablecloth off a bureau and the silverware is undisturbed. Impressed with himself, he directs the audience to marvel at his accomplishment.

It's a great little moment. Universal has served up a DVD presentation that befits this film's classic status. Vincent Price voices the final line of the film: I'm The Invisible Man. Chairman of the Brawl: Chick attempts to hit Dracula with a chair in the climax, but hits Sandra instead.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein bloopers big

Later Dracula picks up one when he is fighting Wolf Man. The scene where Costello is unknowingly sitting on the monster's lap had to be re-shot many times because Glenn Strange couldn't stop cracking up. Even in the finished version, you can see him starting to smile as he gets up to chase Costello. Outtakes showing Strange laughing have survived.

The movie ends with the Invisible Man appearing. Our heroes are portrayed as skeletons in the animated opening sequence. The Monster throws Sandra through a window in the climax. Frankenstein's diary makes an appearance yet again. Sandra, Dracula and the Wolf Man. The Monster and Sandra are this to Dracula. Larry Talbot's reaction to Chick putting on a Wolf Man mask at the costume ball. Exactly What It Says on the Tin: The story of this film is that a famous comedic duo encounters a lumbering reanimated monster.

If you have to ask which ones, you've not been paying attention. Both Wilbur and Chick faint when they see Dracula turning from a bat to man in front of their eyes. Glenn Strange suffered a leg injury during production likely one reason he spends a lot of time shown sitting or lying down in this film. For the scene in which the Monster throws Sandra out the window, Lon Chaney who had previously played the Monster in The Ghost of Frankenstein put on the make-up and the suit and did the shot in his place.

Did we mention this is Abbott and Costello? The Wolf Man does this in the climax. When Dracula joins the costume party where our protagonists have gone, he is dressed as a Classical Movie Vampire.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein bloopers big

A Slapstick Monster Mash. When Wilbur and Chick search the basement, the door closes behind them. It may not have been intended this way, but this ended up being the final entry in the "main" Universal Horror series that had begun in with the original Dracula and Frankenstein films. Talbot gets one possibly unintentional when, as the Wolf Man, he leaps off the balcony to stop Dracula from getting away. Being Larry Talbot, he probably survived.

They even live in the same apartment together. Lou, of all people, does this to the Monster when they first meet. Dracula hypnotizes Sandra with his eyes to ensure her obedience. Then later bites her and drinks her blood to make absolutely sure. Sandra attempts it on Wilbur, but he's Too Dumb to Fool.

The Monster relentlessly pursues the heroes for much of the last act of the film. This film is actually the first - and one of the only - films to actually depict the Monster as embodying this trope, even though the concept of the Monster being an implacable man is one of its most enduring stereotypes.

Kill It with Fire: In the end when Frankenstein's Monster is occupied with throwing stuff at escaping Wilbur and Chick, Stevens sets the pier on fire with gasoline, thus burning the Monster.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein bloopers big

For all the monsters who show up, the movie is pretty lighthearted. Indeed, the Frankenstein Monster himself generates one of the film's funniest moments when Wilbur frightens him. Sandra Mornay is both this and a Hot Scientist.

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Mornay sets one up in the House of Dracula. Abbott and Costello meet not only the Frankenstein monster but Count Dracula, the Wolf Man, a brain-swapping mad scientist, and a cameo from the Invisible Man— with most of the action taking place in the House of Dracula! They don't meet the actual Frankenstein, only his creation.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein bloopers big

At least the dialogue is careful to identify him as "the Frankenstein monster," but this doesn't carry over to the title. Everyone else in the movie is either evil or an idiot. Naturally, they all think he's nuts While he played other vampires, this is the only time that Bela Lugosi explicitly recreated the role that he made famous in Dracula Wilber repeatedly screams "Chiiiiick!

Neither Wilbur nor Chick is smart enough to suspect that the multiple gorgeous women coming onto Wilbur, of all people, might possibly have ulterior motives.

Joan is working as an insurance investigator, and Sandra wants to steal his brain for the Frankenstein Monster. Screams Like a Little Girl: Wilbur stumbles into one accidentally.

As would be expected in an Abbott and Costello movie.