Abbott and costello meet frankenstein australian

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abbott and costello meet frankenstein australian

Australia, Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. USA, Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. UK (alternative title), Abbott and Costello Meet the Ghosts. Bud Abbott Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein (original title) .. For its original release, the Australian film board required that almost every scene involving a. Even so, “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein” was an instant hit when it . Decency rated it for adults. It was banned in Finland, and Australian censors ex-.

Dracula introduces himself to Joan and the boys. Also working at the castle is the naive Prof. Stevens Charles Bradstreetwho questions some of the specialized equipment that has arrived. After Wilbur admits that he was in the basement, Sandra feigns a headache and tells Wilbur and the others that they will have to go to the ball without her. In private, Sandra admits to Dracula that Stevens' suspicions, Joan's credentials, and Wilbur's snooping in the basement have made her nervous enough to put the experiment on hold.

Dracula asserts his will by hypnotizing her and biting her in the neck in a continuity error, Dracula's reflection is visible in a mirror.

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein – Variety

Vampires do not have reflections, as stated in Dracula Everyone is now at the masquerade ball. Talbot arrives and confronts Dr. Lahos, who is in costume as Dracula. Lejos easily deflects Talbot's accusations and takes Joan to the dance floor. Sandra lures Wilbur to a quiet spot in the woods and attempts to bite him, but Chick and Larry approach and she flees.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein australian

Wilbur escapes, but the Wolf Man attacks McDougal, who is also at the ball. Since Chick's costume includes a wolf mask, McDougal accuses Chick of attacking him out of revenge. Chick escapes and witnesses Dracula hypnotizing Wilbur.

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Chick is also hypnotized and rendered helpless, while Dracula and Sandra bring Wilbur and Joan back to the castle. The next morning, Chick and Talbot, both fugitives, meet up in the bayou. Talbot confesses to Chick that he is indeed the Wolf Man. Chick explains that Dracula has taken Wilbur and Joan to the island and they agree to work together to rescue them.

Wilbur is held in a pillory in the cellar.

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein () - Release Info - IMDb

Sandra explains her plan to transplant his brain into the Monster. When she and Dracula leave him to prepare the Monster for the operation, Chick and Talbot sneak in to set Wilbur and Stevens free. Dracula and Sandra return to the cellar and find Wilbur missing; Dracula easily recalls Wilbur and he soon finds himself strapped to an operating table in the lab.

The Monster is on an adjacent table, receiving electric shocks. As Sandra brings a scalpel to Wilbur's forehead, Talbot and Chick burst in.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein australian

Talbot pulls Sandra away from Wilbur and Chick unintentionally knocks her out while fending off Dracula with a chair. When Dracula joins the costume party where our protagonists have gone, he is dressed as a Classical Movie Vampire. A Slapstick Monster Mash. When Wilbur and Chick search the basement, the door closes behind them. It may not have been intended this way, but this ended up being the final entry in the "main" Universal Horror series that had begun in with the original Dracula and Frankenstein films.

Talbot gets one possibly unintentional when, as the Wolf Man, he leaps off the balcony to stop Dracula from getting away.

Bud Abbott Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein 1948 1

Being Larry Talbot, he probably survived. They even live in the same apartment together. Lou, of all people, does this to the Monster when they first meet. Dracula hypnotizes Sandra with his eyes to ensure her obedience.

Then later bites her and drinks her blood to make absolutely sure. Sandra attempts it on Wilbur, but he's Too Dumb to Fool. The Monster relentlessly pursues the heroes for much of the last act of the film. This film is actually the first - and one of the only - films to actually depict the Monster as embodying this trope, even though the concept of the Monster being an implacable man is one of its most enduring stereotypes.

Kill It with Fire: In the end when Frankenstein's Monster is occupied with throwing stuff at escaping Wilbur and Chick, Stevens sets the pier on fire with gasoline, thus burning the Monster. For all the monsters who show up, the movie is pretty lighthearted. Indeed, the Frankenstein Monster himself generates one of the film's funniest moments when Wilbur frightens him.

Sandra Mornay is both this and a Hot Scientist. Mornay sets one up in the House of Dracula. Abbott and Costello meet not only the Frankenstein monster but Count Dracula, the Wolf Man, a brain-swapping mad scientist, and a cameo from the Invisible Man— with most of the action taking place in the House of Dracula! They don't meet the actual Frankenstein, only his creation. At least the dialogue is careful to identify him as "the Frankenstein monster," but this doesn't carry over to the title.

Everyone else in the movie is either evil or an idiot. Naturally, they all think he's nuts While he played other vampires, this is the only time that Bela Lugosi explicitly recreated the role that he made famous in Dracula Wilber repeatedly screams "Chiiiiick! Neither Wilbur nor Chick is smart enough to suspect that the multiple gorgeous women coming onto Wilbur, of all people, might possibly have ulterior motives.

Joan is working as an insurance investigator, and Sandra wants to steal his brain for the Frankenstein Monster. Screams Like a Little Girl: Wilbur stumbles into one accidentally. As would be expected in an Abbott and Costello movie.

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein

Sliding Scale of Comedy and Horror: Very much on the comedy side of things, with Bud and Lou hamming it up and wisecracking to perfection, but the Universal Horror monsters are quite real and played just as straight as in their own movies, so there are several genuinely scary moments. Strapped to an Operating Table: Wilbur and the Monster during the brainswitch operation.

The Monster has the ability to speak again after being silent since the end of The Ghost of Frankenstein. Another humorous story from the set involved actress Lenore Aubert, who wrapped in a mink, put a leash on Strange and, accompanied by Abbott, Costello, and Chaney in full make-up, took the Monster out for a stroll on the lot just in time for the studio tour tram. The rubber head appliance worn by Glenn Strange to play the Frankenstein monster fitted him so tightly that, after a few hours under the hot lights, he could shake his head and hear the sweat rattling around inside it.

During the final chase scene, when Wilbur and Chick are standing in front of a door and the Frankenstein monster punches through it, Costello deliberately went off his mark and got hit on the jaw.

Director Barton liked his reaction, so he decided to keep it in the film. As a favor to Universal, even though he refused to actually see the film, he did help promote the film and can be seen in several publicity photos, including one where he is buying a ticket.

Modern sources report that Lugosi wrote his autobiography on the set of the film.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein australian

In a documentary, Years of Horror, hosted by Christopher Lee, it was revealed that the studio hired two additional comedians to add laughs between takes on the set. The Australian film board required that almost every scene involving a monster be removed before release.

Quentin Tarantino is a big fan of the film and at one time both Elvis Presley and Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia counted it as one of their favorite movies.

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